Trash to trailblazer: Camira redefines its original closed loop recycled polyester, X2

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024, Camira is a UK-based textile group known for designing and manufacturing textiles for various sectors, including commercial, residential, and public transport. Founded in 1974 as Camborne Fabrics, Camira has grown into a global company with an annual turnover of £85 million, selling products in over 80 countries and producing more than nine million meters of fabric annually. With a focus on sustainability, Camira has been innovating recycled fabrics and natural wool and bast fibre textiles for over 20 years.

Camira redefines its original closed loop recycled polyester, X2

To mark its 50th year in business and enduring commitment to tackling the global textile waste problem, Camira has significantly increased the percentage of textile-to-textile waste in its popular recycled polyester fabric, X2. Originally launched in 2012, X2 now contains 25% textile-to-textile recycled polyester, along with 75% post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

X2 contains 25% textile-to-textile recycled polyester and 75% post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles

Less than 1% of textiles worldwide are recycled into new products, and every seven minutes a stack of clothing, the height of Mount Everest, is sent to landfill.* Using discarded textiles from the apparel industry, as well as yarn and fabric from its own waste streams, Camira has pioneered the latest X2 to make an even bigger impact, reducing its carbon footprint and illustrating the infinite opportunities of textile waste as a valuable resource.

X2 makes an even bigger impact!

Head of Creative at Camira, Lynn Kingdon said:

“X2 was Camira’s first 100% recycled textile to include closed loop post-industrial content from its own textile yarn remnants and selvedges. 12 years ago, there was nothing like X2 on the market. In 2024 our product, design and operations teams have worked really hard to be able to make an even greater material difference. So the new X2 is textile-to-textile, bottle to textile, trash to trailblazer.”

X2 has 33 dynamic colourways with 14 new shades

Comprising 33 dynamic colourways with 14 new shades, X2 is designed for hybrid spaces including commercial, hospitality and residential interiors. Suitable for seating, panels, curtains and drapery, X2 provides stretch, flammability and abrasion performance.

X2 new colour palette

The fabric’s new colour palette embraces warm berry tones, cool blues, mauves, and turquoises, as well as subtle earthy shades, providing a colour scheme for every interior. The black base yarn in X2, composed of textile-to-textile waste, creates a textured grey mélange effect, reminiscent of a high-end wool, adding surface appeal and dimension.

* Textiles and the environment: the role of design in Europe’s circular economy — European Environment Agency (

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