Trend Board- January 2014


Every month Walker Greenbank Contracts  will bring you latest trends in commercial design, showing what they feel is the flavour of the month. This month’s trend for Harlequin is inspired by the bohemian lifestyle and the big bright bold colours and prints that are associated with it.

The mood board below shows the true range of colour and prints that are connected to this theme:

Mood Board

 A little more detail:

Harlequin’s new collection, Jardin Boheme, uses provocative patterns and powerful colour palettes to create a glorious bohemian fusion. The collection uses time-old techniques such as stamp-making, potato-prints and lino-cuts to achieve the desired boho effect. Jardin Boheme is not in any way clichéd or formulaic, but it can be subtly help the end user to achieve an interiors that will appear relaxed, uncontrived and casual. A combination of exotic colour palettes including; sapphire, spice, pomegranate, bamboo and azure help complete the look.

In the images below Harlequin show how adaptable the designs within the Jardin Boheme collection are, and how they can really light up a room:





All Images © Harlequin 2014


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