Trend Report: Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

It’s exciting to celebrate the growth of Clerkenwell Design Week and the vibrancy of the commercial interiors sector, even if there is a slight frustration that, no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t see everything this festival has to offer in just three days. Despite this challenge, CDW 2024 was a resounding success, especially in the face of rainy weather.

Every year, we relish Clerkenwell in the May sunshine, and while the rain this year undoubtedly had an impact, the people, products, and discussions still shone brightly.

We understand that even if you attended CDW, it was impossible to see everything. This Trend Report aims to bring you what you missed, celebrate what you loved, and inspire you to join the conversation in the future. We’ll offer our insights into the event’s achievements and challenges, and we invite you to engage by commenting on our Design Insider LinkedIn posts or reaching out via email at

We are pleased to announce that contract fabric specialists, Panaz, are sponsoring the 2024 Clerkenwell Design Week Trend Report.

Despite the unprecedented weather, the spirit of Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 remained undeterred. Friends and colleagues spent time together enjoying vibrant conversations and celebrations, our enthusiasm and connection shining brightly even in the rain. The festival maintained its joyful and celebratory atmosphere, reminding us all why CDW is key event in our design calendar.

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