Trend Report: Dutch Design Week

Now in it’s 21st year, Dutch Design Week returns to Eindhoven, the ‘city of light’ and home to the Philips headquarters. The biggest design event in Northern Europe, the show celebrates design innovation and has a clear focus on experimentation whilst giving exceptional attention to the work of young talent.

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This is perhaps most notable at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate show which takes place at the hefty Campina site once again. Other popular destinations include the industrial sites of the Strijp, Sectie-C and Kazerne. This year the theme for the show is ‘If not now, then when.’

During a year of much debate and numerous demonstrations calling for action on climate change it seems fitting that the show brings the issue to attention via an huge array of innovative design solutions, not least through commissions by The Embassy of Circular & Bio-based Building. Some 350,000 visitors attend the event with the work of over 2600 designers on display at over 110 locations across the city.

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