Trend Report: Milan Design Week 2022

We bring you the voices of the visitors and participants of Milan Design Week 2022!

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We reached out to leading commercial interior designers and suppliers, as well as a selection of product designers in order to find out what they thought about Milan Design Week 2022 and to discover their event highlights.

Designers who visited this world leading design event told us that their initial nerves immediately dissolved, they relished in being able to speak with their industry peers and that they were inspired by the design they discovered. They also discussed the sectors response to sustainability, although there was a feeling that more was needed!

Many brands utilised this long waited for event as the launchpad for their new products. We bring you a selection of products launched at the event from British commercial suppliers as well as established international brands.

Aaron Clarkson, Designer at Boss Design, used his considerable industry expertise and reported on our behalf. Aaron brought us the 3 key trends he found at the event: details, colour and fabrics, and sustainability.

In 2019 our highlight was exploring the many Installations and immersing ourselves in these experiences. This year we have highlighted installations designed by Roca, who created a piece of Mediterranean architecture and explored its relationship with contemporary artistic practices, we share Hermès quest for light and we introduce you to Lee Broom’s six ethereal lighting collections inspired by places of worship.

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