After exhaustive research, exploration and testing, Milliken has now launched a new formula of the already highly successful TractionBack® 2.0 adhesive free installation system which provides a truly sustainable carpet fitting solution.

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Because TractionBack® 2.0 reduces the raw materials used during installation it is the most sustainable way to install carpet tiles and planks. Importantly, indoor air quality is dramatically improved through the elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) associated with adhesive. As TractionBack® 2.0 is free of VOCs it is a much cleaner, healthier and safer method of modular carpet installation for the installers and the building’s occupants. TractionBack® 2.0 drives down the environmental impact of Milliken’s carbon neutral modular carpet even further, by minimising raw materials and eliminating potentially harmful VOCs. There is also less waste and packaging materials to dispose of at the end of an installation.

In addition this clean installation method is ideally suited for recycling or re-use as the tile suffers no adhesive contamination. Crucially, TractionBack® 2.0 protects the sub-floor as it leaves no residue when removed (unlike wet adhesives which create a build-up of layers, in which dirt and debris can become embedded).

TractionBack® 2.0 is a high friction, invisible coating applied to the back of Milliken carpet tiles and planks that allows clean, efficient, adhesive-free installation. This unique proprietary layer is applied during the manufacturing process and has been engineered to secure the carpet to the floor, without the use of wet adhesives. This innovation allows the carpet module to be easily up-lifted and then cleaned or replaced whenever required, while still impossible to move laterally after being laid on the floor.

Because TractionBack® 2.0 has already been applied to the back of the tile or plank on delivery it is immediately ready to install, facilitating faster installation and reduced downtime. This time-saving can be invaluable in any environment – from retail or hospitality to workplace or healthcare settings. It also creates greater flexibility for phased installations. Fitting can be more easily scheduled into an interior fit-out programme or worked around the building users’ day-to-day requirements, which in these times of post-covid flux is particularly helpful. TractionBack® 2.0 also saves time and money as no additional materials to lay the floor are necessary and labour costs are reduced.

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