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Design Insider is delighted to be running a series of articles to promote conversations on the seminar topics that will be presented at the Hotel Interiors Experience – HIX – at the Business Design Centre, London on 18/19th November 2021. The topics will discuss six social shifts that are taking place in our post-pandemic world as all we all move towards opportunity, the light, somewhere better.

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Following on with our subjects for discussion we look at the seminar, entitled “Truth, Trust and Loyalty” – We are exploring truth, trust and loyalty in a world of misinformation and instantly responsive social platforms. For hotel developers and designers these are generation-defining issues and the key to understanding tomorrow’s customer, Generation Z. This session is not about marketing offers or loyalty points, it’s about building a meaningful relationship with your first ‘digital-native’ guests. How can hotels nurture trust, connection and loyalty amongst this younger demographic?

Joel Butler, a director of the HIX event, gave us his view.

‘The pandemic really brought the issue of misinformation to the fore. Tribal and fractious social media communities now establish opinions, ‘facts’ and followings instantly as big brands continue to navigate issues like trust, loyalty and relevance. This session is for any business that needs to communicate their values, behaviour and truths to customers and guests. I’m excited to welcome Dexter to our stage…with his insight into technology, ethics and the future, he’s an irresistible host for this session.’


We asked Lee Penson from PENSON – Architecture, Interiors and Design Studio in London, for his thoughts.

Are young people losing faith in hotel brands?

No, not that PENSON have witnessed. Losing faith in hotel brands only happens when they don’t understand young people’s wants and needs.


In what ways is hotel branding important?

Hotel branding gives a sense of place and instant impact for customers. It also connects customers to a wider band story and hotel staff to a wider ‘brand family’. PENSON’s hotel, JO&JOE Gentilly, and the JO&JOE brand was co-created by PENSON and Accor Group to disrupt the economy hospitality model and to connect to the intended millennial-minded demographic. PENSON developed a physical and branded experience for JO&JOE to offer a fresh take on the interior design, hospitality spaces, atmosphere, dining, service, and customer experience.


Do you have any specific examples?

Yes, JO&JOE Gentilly. Instead of conventional branding we have seen before, the artwork at JO&JOE uniquely forms the hotel’s interior branding, harmonizing the brand as a clear disrupter and reflecting the life and style of the guests. The artwork adds a unique angle to the design, and a certain number of the artists who created them have a local connection to the Gentilly area, connecting the brand to the community. This is inherently part of the hotel’s unique design story.


PENSON selected the art at JO&JOE Gentilly to amplify key brand messages, including themes of individuality and escapism. The artwork works with the free-spirited interiors and fun atmosphere to create a memorable experience.

How could social media build hotel brand loyalty? Are there any non-hotel brands which are doing this successfully?

Directly through social media influencers and guests experiencing the hotel first hand. The JO&JOE brand has built a large social media following very quickly by ensuring they have localised social media profiles for each of their hotels, as well as an overall brand profile.


In what ways can hotels nurture trust?

We made sure the JO&JOE hotel model stayed wholly connected to its locality and celebrated the location, it’s community and people. The targeted demographic wants to discover the local area and so the locality and its people are integral to this.


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