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Franklite has state of the art production and testing facilities at its factory right in the heart of Milton Keynes. It’s here that our technical team conducts in-house production, testing and assembly of our renowned LED technology.

Being the first producer to innovate and introduce chandeliers with low energy consumption within the hospitality sector many year ago, Franklite have since leapt forward with the release of its high-performance LED lighting, FRANKled, designed and manufactured in Britain.

Today this technology includes LED Franklite plates, the L11 candle and downlight, and LS5 strips. The advantages of using this technology means customers have the option of including dimming capabilities, emergency gear and integral presence detectors on many of our most popular product ranges.

Exciting new technology enables lighting to be pre-programmed through an app, accessed via a mobile or tablet, allowing the user to remote control over their lighting.

In the design of a traditional candle lamp, this dedicated L11 candle technology produces the same light output as a traditional tungsten candle lamp and contributes significantly to energy efficiency with an 80% saving using only 11W. This product allows traditional style chandeliers to be compatible with cutting-edge technology whilst offering a higher lumen output as conventional lamps. A higher lumen output guarantees a brighter interior at a lower cost.

Franklite’s LED plates, also known as eco-disc technology, are designed as circular plates available in five configurations along with a variety of light source colour temperatures. The L18, L24 and L30 are supplied in both standard and emergency options. The LS5 strips are designed for fittings that aren’t able to house the LED plates, where multiple strips can be combined to ensure sufficient illumination is supplied from the fitting.

Linear LED strips can be used in both interior and exterior fittings as they are housed in a waterproof silicone casing. These highly flexible strips can be manipulated to offer full coverage of illumination and can be trimmed to the required size, thereby offering the opportunity to design and create individual and unique light configurations. A modern, subtle illumination is provided by these LED strips, ideal for accentuating architectural features and creating a specific mood.

All our LED products are manufactured using the most suitable components for the application for which they are intended. While our in-house testing process is very rigorous further independent testing is also conducted. Franklite is a proud member of the Lighting Industry Association which ensures our products are quality tested and approved. Our growing catalogue is available on DIALux which can be accessed via the web or app. Photometric data is also available for all of our fittings on request.

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