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Johnson Tiles heritage in the UK is a cornerstone of our company culture. With 120 years of experience with the design and manufacture of ceramic tiles, Johnson Tiles use this technical knowledge and expertise to inform not only their products and processes but also the teams’ attitude towards the future.

Johnson Tiles Potteries’ based manufacturing facilities manufacture 300,000 precision ceramic tiles per day. Johnson Tiles products begin their journey in body prep where the raw materials are rigorously tested to ensure they meet their strict requirements. The product mix includes limestone, sand, ball clay, and china clay, which are weighed and evaluated via recipes that have been honed over decades. As a business with sustainability at its heart, these raw materials are sourced locally, ensuring that Johnson Tiles help to support UK businesses, and reduce the “tile miles” of their products. Furthermore, every tile they make contains up to 20% recycled content with scrap material always returned to the tile body to reduce waste.

Once Johnson Tiles materials have been weighed and evaluated, they carefully mill them to dust in preparation to be pressed. The dust is pressed into one of our many size options, not only creating the perfect tile shape, but optimising the dust in readiness for it to be glazed, calibrating the moisture content and temperature of the product. With several different glaze options available from matt to gloss, hand-crafted to urban, each product is rigorously tested to ensure each tile meets our stringent quality standards. After glazing, our products head to the kiln to be fired, with temperature and duration of firing determined by size and other contributory factors.

The tiles then go through their final quality selection, a thorough procedure that ensures Johnson Tiles package only the highest quality product. In their ceaseless efforts to keep improving their sustainability measures, Johnson Tiles have recently eradicated all single-use plastics from their packaging and have replaced their pallet wrap with a plant-based alternative that can be endlessly recycled. Johnson Tiles make it sustainable to safeguard the environment for future generations.

In support of the Johnson Tiles manufacturing plant, their design team are based at Johnson Tiles headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, the UK capital of ceramic manufacturing. The team is committed in their research of current and developing design trends to enable us to create commercial and on-trend concepts and ideas for all sectors of the Johnson Tiles business. Combining an elusive mix of creativity and organisation, their design team manages the product development process from planning and briefing, to overseeing the design stages, and the commissioning of tiles.

Johnson Tiles design team are instrumental in trend research to support the bi-annual publication of our trend report Tile Trace. This explores and evaluates upcoming trends for the interior design community, keeping up to date with the latest in colour, texture, shape, and pattern to inform the projects of the future. This important work pushes Johnson Tiles products to be at the forefront of trend design, ensuring they meet and exceed the needs of our customers from our headquarters in the Potteries. Johnson Tiles latest issue of the Tile Trace trend report can be found on their website.

With over a century of experience, every single tile Johnson Tiles ‘we make it’ is designed and manufactured with expertise, passion, and heritage.

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