Originally established in 1974, Lee & Plumpton is proud of its British heritage and that the Company remains a family-owned and operated furniture manufacturer with a commitment to quality, service and sustainability. Founded by Arthur Lee and Vernon Plumpton, the Company continues under the stewardship of the combined families and the current managing director is a son of Arthur Lee, Andrew Lee.

Throughout its history, Lee & Plumpton has remained committed to UK manufacturing and operates from its 200,000 square foot purpose-built facility in Norfolk incorporating wood and metalworking as well as upholstery capabilities. In addition, the site includes warehousing, inhouse design, logistics and head office functions.

The ‘Made in Britain’ approach is integral to Lee & Plumpton’s branding. The established supply chain is primarily UK based which not only supports the company’s mantra but also allows greater control in terms of auditing, quality assurance, continuity of supply and relationship management. This proved particularly useful during the Brexit-readiness planning process as much of the activity involved working with partners to understand their preparations and due diligence.

The Company would also suggest that the ‘Made in Britain’ strategy allows flexibility in terms of customer service enabling particular requests to be frequently accommodated using inhouse resources. In addition, the Bespoke production unit, incorporating design and manufacturing, offers a flexible, efficient service for customised requirements – without the potential delays and misinterpretations through overseas sourcing.

The inhouse team also includes design. Once again, this approach enables the Company to focus on the evolving requirements of its primary market, the UK. One of Lee & Plumpton’s designers, Erika McFarlane, recently appeared in Design Insider’s collaborative feature with Women in Office Design.

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