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Design Insider is delighted to share a Q&A  Silent Gliss as part of our MADE Campaign. We find out about Silent Gliss’ Production, Supply Chain, Export, Brand and Design…

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Can you tell us about your production?

Silent Gliss are proud to be recognised as a production leader for our industry. So invested are we in our processes, we are accredited with both ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 environmental standards. We have been a keen adopter of Lean Manufacturing for many years and our drive for continuous improvement means we work closely with MAS – Manufacture Advisory Service, and Onsight Insights, both organisations working towards developing and sharing best practice throughout the manufacturing industry.

What is your supply chain?

Alongside our manufacturing team in Germany, we use carefully selected global suppliers  who are able to meet our high quality standards for precision engineered components. Wherever possible we look to use local suppliers in order to reduce our carbon footprint but also to support our local business environment.

Where do you export to?
Silent Gliss in the UK is also home to our global subsidiary, Silent Gliss Global Ltd. which exports window shading systems to areas such as the Middle East, South East Asia, North America, Canada and some areas of Europe. Silent Gliss also have subsidiary companies based around the world, for example Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Spain. We really are a global concern and our products are found in homes, hotels and offices all around the world.

Please can you tell us more about the brand?

Our company began in Switzerland and as such Silent Gliss stands for innovative solutions, exceptional design and outstanding quality. When you combine this with excellent customer service you end up with a brand that has been successfully meeting the needs of the most discerning customers since 1952!

Where does your design inspiration come from?

Our design inspiration comes from the combined inputs from customers, staff and external designers, with the concepts then fed into our dedicated R&D team based in Switzerland. We have always placed a big emphasis on continuing to improve existing products, for example the recent launch or our new 2C (two-component) glider, whilst at the same time exploring completely new approaches to interior shading, such as Wave Panel. This holistic approach to product development ensures that we deliver a regular program of new and improved products.

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