Ultrafabrics Celebrates 25 Years of Sustainable Innovations: The Reintroduction of the Volar Bio Collection

ULTRAFABRICS, a leading global provider of high-performance fabrics, proudly commemorates its 25th anniversary of excellence in the industry with the reintroduction of its Volar Bio collection which now has a 66% mix of recycled, rapidly renewable and bio-based content – a remarkable achievement in sustainable innovation.

Since its inception, Ultrafabrics has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering superior performance fabrics that redefine luxury, durability and sustainability. And now, in its 25th anniversary year, with a broad base of clients such as MillerKnoll, Jaguar Land Rover, Google Fitbit, Virgin Galactic and Gulfstream Aerospace to name a few, all markets turn to Ultrafabrics because of its commitment to the highest level of compliance and transparency for its ESG goals.

Initially launched in 2019 with 29% bio-based components, it is now a 66% mix of recycled, rapidly renewable, and bio-based content, and surpasses the company’s sustainability goals by six years. Ultrafabrics is the only coated fabric brand offering such innovation.

Nicole Meier, Director of Branding at Ultrafabrics says,

“We are six years ahead of our initial sustainability goals and 19 of our fabric lines now have content that is recycled, rapidly renewable, or both in the backcloth,” says Nicole Meier, Director of Branding at Ultrafabrics.”

Volar Bio’s evolution in backcloth construction not only includes certified REPREVE® recycled polyester and ECOVERO™ viscose in the backcloth, but introduces Susterra® propanediol bio-based resin. Susterra® 1,3 propanediol is a pure, petroleum-free, raw material made from regeneratively farmed U.S. dent corn. It is a key ingredient for producing bio-based resins for leather alternatives.

The natural-feeling surface of Volar Bio, crafted in Japan, means it can be used to upholster anything from residential furniture to commercial-based surfaces in offices, hospitality, retail or healthcare. All Ultrafabrics products can withstand serious, frequent cleaning to C.D.C standards and are sought-after solutions where hygiene is a priority. This fabric can also withstand bleach without losing its colour or altering its appearance and is suitable for use in “vegan” interiors.


Nicole Meier adds,

“As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we want to use this report to empower our partners to design for the future. The specifiers that work with us understand the power and massive environmental impact their choices have on the world. With the relaunch of Volar Bio, our multiple sustainability ingredient partners, and our move towards bio-based products in the transportation sector, it’s clear you can achieve sustainability without sacrificing quality and performance. And we can scale to meet the needs of a global audience. We’ve turned the lights on to expose our end-to-end production process. Let us walk you through it and help you achieve your goals.”

One hundred per cent of the Ultrafabrics branded portfolio contains at least 50% recycled and/or renewable materials. Backcloths are made of either a 65% recycled polyester/ 35% ECOVERO™ viscose blend or 100% TENCEL™ Modal. This evolution has been years in the making, with this technology being implemented in performance fabrics for the aviation, automotive and marine markets.

The future of global legislation: Ultrafabrics is ready

Meier says,

“Whether brands are ready or not, there are multiple global trends that will likely mandate transparency, traceability, and bold sustainability targets. We want to ensure our partners in all of our markets know we have a critical eye on these mandates. Like with every partnership, we want our specifiers to do what they do best: design cars, planes, shoes, handbags, spaceships, yachts or furniture for the future. We will worry about not only the quality and scalability but sustainability compliance issues as well.”

The New York Fashion Act, although not yet resolved, could require incredible impact, due diligence and reporting for fashion brands and textile production.

Ultrafabrics has already made significant progress that will lead to compliance with the New York Fashion Act and other national and international legislation in the pipeline. Ultrafabrics has critical sustainability goals including a near-term, science-based emissions reduction target in line with the Paris Agreement and chemical and wastewater management and is publicly reporting on its progress. As an ingredient supplier, it is investing in traceable and certified raw materials to ensure supply chain transparency.

These actions serve Ultrafabrics’ customers with strict regulations in all markets from transportation, marine and aviation, to commercial furniture and fashion.

Unparalleled Transparency with a true commitment to Environmental Social and Corporate Governance in every market

The full year 2023 Sustainability Report offers unparalleled transparency across Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) metrics with its yearly report and assessment by Population a third-party agency. Here are some market highlights.



As global car manufacturers announce net zero targets, sustainable manufacturing and innovative material inputs become crucial to meeting these goals. Ultrafabrics’ products are made to reduce their environmental impact, using safer chemistry, recycled and rapidly renewable material inputs and operations focused on reducing emissions, water consumption and waste. Jaguar Land Rover and McClaren are just two automakers that are currently reimagining the concept of sustainable modern luxury by using Ultrafabrics interiors.


The lighter weight of Ultrafabrics products reduces environmental loads during transportation and use which is especially important in aviation. Ultrafabrics products are about 1/2 to 2/3 the weight of genuine leather or PVC. Our products are the fabric of choice for progressive brands like Virgin Galactic, American Airlines, and Gulfstream Aerospace.

RV / Marine

Ultrafabrics has been a longstanding choice for the Marine Industry, and in 2023 Princess Yachts committed to introducing Volar Bio as the standard upholstery fabric for interior helm seating on all of their models.

“Ultrafabrics has remained a staple resource for Princess Yachts over many years with the eco-friendly Volar Bio collection providing the complete package of quality, comprehensive colour palette and durability to offer an ideal resource to support our move towards sustainable design.”


Ultrafabrics is honoured to be named a Carbon Reduction Leader for Steelcase, who is “designing better futures for the wellbeing of the planet by reducing its carbon footprint, designing for circularity and choosing and using materials responsibly.” Ultrafabrics’
materials, which are included in the mindful Materials and Design for Health by Mindlick libraries, support sustainably minded manufacturers and designers to reduce their environmental impact.


Healthcare offices require durable materials that also allow for transitioning away from vinyl to prevent harmful off-gassing and promote patient wellbeing. We proudly offer a selection of materials that support Health Care Without Harm’s goal of eliminating the
use of five substances – PVC, PFAS stain resistant finishes, flame retardants, antimicrobials, and formaldehyde. Our products are trusted by specifiers and designers of clinical settings, patient and waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, and spas for customers like A-Dec, Haworth Health and Lexor.


With clients such Google Fitbit and Movado, Ultrafabrics animal- and skin-friendly polyurethane fabrics provide a luxury alternative to leather that offers value in both design and innovation in the fashion industry. In partnership with Japanese designer,
Kankako Kajihara we are researching innovations like fabric dyes from food waste, such as coffee and matcha tea, and new bio-based inputs like scallop shells. Kanako Kajihara is a highly esteemed textile designer who’s deeply influenced by the philosophy of wabi sabi and finding usefulness in what some might consider waste. These initial positive results will continue to support our innovation roadmap, and the data-gathering and experimentation is imperative to our commitment to a sustainable future.

Ultrafabrics is always a vinyl and PVC alternative with new downcycling partnership Committed to leading the market with viable PVC alternatives, Ultrafabrics proudly offers materials that eliminate harmful substances like PVC, POPs, PFOA, and PFAS stain-resistant finishes, among others.

With a focus on reducing waste and addressing environmental concerns, Ultrafabrics continues to innovate, recently identifying partners in Japan to provide downcycling solutions for manufacturing waste and actively diverting defective products and unused inventory from landfills.

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