Ultrafabrics Refresh their Uf Select Montage Range

Inspired by the artist’s palette, Ultrafabrics, the leading manufacturer of luxury high-tech performance fabrics, refresh their Uf Select Montage range with 26 new hues habitually used by master creatives.

Warm, saturated organic tones, botanical greens, softly fluid blues, and shades of rose signify what’s ahead in colour for 2023 and beyond.

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About Uf Select

Crafted in collaboration with their North American partner mill, Uf Select from Ultrafabrics embodies a deep appreciation for the maker’s touch.

Artist-inspired tones and textures. An array of timeless and on-trend hues. Quality and comfort endorsed by Ultrafabrics. Uf Select brings it all together — with faster delivery and more competitive pricing.

Comprising two distinct collections — Montage & Lino — to empower designs that are a true work of art, the range features colours, patterns, and textures inspired by artisanal techniques and traditional handicraft.

Montage offers a natural and subtly distressed look with a weathered, rich surface that mimics a collage.

Whilst Lino is inspired by finely cut linoleum printing, creating the look of a textile weave with its refined crosshatch design.

Both collections are two-toned, subtly enhancing their textural effect and creating more dimension in final application.

2023 Colour Refresh

With an artist’s palette as their muse Ultrafabrics welcome 26 fresh new colours to the Montage collection. From Renaissance to contemporary, the new additions are thoughtfully curated to uplift Uf Select’s existing colour foundation.

Celebrating the earthy yellow of Van Gogh’s sunflowers to the subtly distressed layers of a collage, the new colours take inspiration from:

Matisse Blue

In the 15th century, a finely ground blue glass called smalt came into use for painting, and it
continues to be an important hue in an artist’s palette.

744-27873 Provence | 744-27863 Blue Graphite | 744-25033 Copen Blue | 744-26543 Bluestone | 744-72313 Bluegrass

Monet Green

In the Middle Ages, Italian painters used natural, green pigments like soil and plant extracts in their art.

744-43493 Grasshopper | 744-43503 Jalapeno

Van Dyke Brown

Named after Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, this dark brown colour is a natural reflection of the earth’s soil.

744-14393 Tobacco Brown | 744-36473 Cardamom | 744-35723 Jojoba | 744-35723 Jojoba | 744-53483 Beechnut

Van Gogh Yellow

The yellow ochre hue is found throughout the world in many shades from yellow to brown and is derived from natural minerals.

744-73323 Chimera | 744-53483 Beechnut | 744-82673 Orange Pepper

Vermeer Red

Inspired by an important insect dye source, the cochineal beetle, that creates an opulent range of fuchsias, reds, and purples.

744-14403 Mimosa | 744-93053 Passionfruit | 744-93533 Mulled Wine | 744-14423 Poinsettia Red | 744-14453 Vivid Punch

Whistler Grey

In painting, grey is not a dull colour. It can add tremendous depth by influencing shadows and contrasting darkness and light.

744-52783 Silver Birch | 744-60873 Gris | 744-53473 Smoke Gray | 744-53453 Gull | 744-53503 Ganache | 744-53493 Ghost

Suitable for upholstery in contact and hospitality spaces, the collections are created with the same attention to precision, detail, and innovation that has defined Ultrafabrics for over 20 years.

You can experience the launch in person this Clerkenwell Design Week – Click here for more details!

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