Vescom introduces Furka Plus and Arches

By using upholstery that celebrates tactility and colour yet stands up to the constant cleaning protocols demanded of today’s common spaces, we can fill our environments with beautiful materials that still satisfy our human desire for comfort and support our wellbeing. Vescom’s vinyl upholstery collection has the look and feel of textile or leather and the superior functionality and resilience of an impervious material. Two new additions to the collection respond to the increased need across all markets for distinctive, design-driven upholstery that can be cleaned and disinfected.

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Furka Plus
The recolouring of Furka Plus – one of Vescom’s most popular products – abandons the brash ‘plastic fantastic’ tones often associated with vinyl upholstery, elevating it to suit today’s modern spaces. Through in-depth colour research, our in-house team has brought Furka Plus into the here and now to cater for the likes of hotels and restaurants, wellness environments, public spaces and care facilities. With a diverse palette for a diverse range of spaces, the faux leather look collection now includes expressive and modern tones, including rich terracotta, honey and turmeric yellows, sea and moss greens, deep aubergines and rosewoods, and sky and slate blues. Muted options include subtle neutrals, soft pastels and natural leather tones.

Vinyl upholstery was once seen as something cold and medical, an idea Arches radically overturns with its homely look. One print, one colour, the illusion of multiple tones and threads. Such is the beauty of Arches, a product inspired by jacquard weaving. Arches’ depth and textile look makes it perfect for upholstery, a task made even easier by its non-directional pattern. Translating the Arches colour concept into the final result in the Vescom factory meant balancing refinement and richness with homeliness, cosiness and warmth. By finding the right colour concentrations, we could create the illusion of a dynamic, textile weave structure.

Thanks to their coherent colour stories, Furka Plus and Arches work extremely well in unison: Furka Plus provides the perfect base for Arches’ playful structure. What’s more, choosing multiple tones from within the collections can create a rich tapestry within an interior.

The diverse look and feel of Vescom’s complete vinyl upholstery collection makes it easily adaptable to any and every market – hospitality, food service, wellness, education, retail, public spaces, care facilities and more – and for numerous interior elements, including furniture, wall panels, room dividers and headboards. Produced in-house in Vescom’s manufacturing facilities, Vescom vinyl upholstery is hygienic, stain resistant, easy-to-clean and can be disinfected with certain solvents. The durable collection is also light- and colourfast and flame retardant. Vescom even takes high performance down to the minute details. Our upholstery performs extremely well when in use, but we also consider every step along the way. Vescom’s vinyl upholstery is easy to stitch and apply – a quality product that will last the distance.

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