Vescom Introduces Transparent Curtain Fabrics: Teon and Nias

How transparent can transparent curtains go? Teon and Nias – two new polyester FR curtain fabrics for the international contract market from Vescom – are studies in openness and airiness. They provide privacy and connection through subtle, floor-to-ceiling borders that maintain sightlines while balancing light levels. Lively and expressive, Teon and Nias allow architects and designers to add comfort, luxury and colour – and, in the case of Nias, recycled content – to commercial interiors.

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Made in Vescom’s own weaving mill, Teon and Nias explore grids and scales. Nias features a small graphic weave structure, while Teon’s oversized grid is a technical feat. These sheers allude to solid architectonic structures yet are incredibly soft – like fluid walls more than conventional curtains – and their graphic lines create a dynamic lattice of light and shadow in today’s spaces.

Teon: bold lines meet barely-there lightness
Despite its graphic presence, Teon has an incredible fluidity and a barely-there lightness. Elegant and refined, it comes in 12 colours, from cooler tones like steel-blue and emerald green to warm copper, terracotta and bamboo, as well as numerous neutrals. Teon’s resemblance to modern architectonic grids is reinforced by a palette of greys, from steely silver to warm concrete.

Nias: sustainable structured softness
Exuding sustainable structured softness, Nias incorporates Vescom’s new yarn made from 100% recycled PET bottles, resulting in a fabric with 78% recycled content. Its slightly denser weave blurs and softens what’s visible behind it. Nias comes in 13 approachable colours, including warm ochre, zesty orange, sky blue and dusty pink, and a wide range of modern neutrals. Nias tells part of Vescom’s growing eco-conscious story. The fabric connects with Vescom’s new family of upholstery made from 100% recycled plastic waste, making it easy to combine different interior elements with the same sustainable message.

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