Vescom: Recycled vinyl wallcovering that reflects – and respects – nature

Conscious of the unparalleled benefits of vinyl wallcovering for contract interiors – its superior durability, longevity, strength and hygienic qualities – Vescom is taking important measures to improve the material’s environmental impact. In an industry innovation, Vescom has blended waste generated during its production processes into beautifully matte sustainable vinyl wallcovering. Fibras, Moon and Dunas are not only designed with nature in mind, but their structures and colours are inspired by nature.

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Moon: from the ground up

Recycled vinyl wallcovering – Moon

Boldly expressive and large in scale, Moon includes 13% recycled content and recalls volcanic rocks, baked clay or swathes of stone. This relationship is strengthened by the surfaces’ organically irregular appearance – as if nature itself had crafted them.

Recycled vinyl wallcovering – Moon

Alongside matte surfaces in colours like sun-baked sandstone, chalky clay or cool slate, the subtle glow of soft golden or coppery tones calls to mind the reflected light of the moon.

Dunas: organic imprints

Recycled vinyl wallcovering – Dunas

Featuring 13% recycled content, Dunas evokes the countless traces left by nature’s hand.

Recycled vinyl wallcovering – Dunas

Its 14 soft colours and visible grain effect allude to anything from carved wooden structures to strands of fresh young straw to the wavelike imprints on a windswept sand dune – a reference heightened by Dunas’s extremely matte appearance.

Fibras: founded on fibres

Recycled vinyl wallcovering – Fibras

The pressed look of Fibras – which includes 20% recycled content – is a nod to the shredded waste material with which it’s partly made, revealing the feel of its former life.

Recycled vinyl wallcovering – Fibras

Each of the 15 dominant colours – from dusty neutrals to smoky pink, stony blue and mossy green – comprises countless other colours, offering added depth and threedimensionality while making it easy to combine with different palettes.

Working with recycled materials is just one aspect of Vescom’s conscious approach, which also involves using only water-based inks and phthalate-free vinyl films. Minimizing energy and water consumption, our eco-friendly in-house production is 10% carbon neutral, aligning with our commitment to creating products with a low environmental impact.

Vescom Sustainable Materialogy

It’s also possible to create synergic sustainable interiors by combining Vescom’s recycled vinyl wallcovering with other Vescom materials that incorporate recycled content, from upholstery to floor-to-ceiling curtains. Even though each product has its own identity, these sustainable solutions are a blend of material-driven DNA, high performance and sustainability. Materials with a common ground for a common good – that’s Vescom’s Sustainable Materialogy.

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