Vescom Unveils Opulent Textile Wallcovering Collection: Crafted Luxury for Interiors

Celebrating crafted materials, Vescom’s new Textile Wallcovering collection highlights the wide scope of what luxury means today. The 10 designs explore how different approaches to woven wallcovering using various materials create different luxurious looks and feels. The collection responds to the unique inherent properties of each material – recycled wool, (recycled) polyester, linen, silk, wood pulp, polyethylene – resulting in a variety of textures, scales and finishes, from soft to structured, from minimalistic to bold, and from matte to shimmery.

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Some materials in the collection include recycled content. A natural and sustainable wallcovering made of wool, Dale incorporates 70% recycled content from post-consumer clothing. Recalling the graphic rhythm of architectural grids, Rila is a sustainable 100% polyester wallcovering that includes 59% recycled content. 

Dale by Vescom

Rila by Vescom

Fraser and Jewel explore the possibilities of super strong and durable polyethylene tape yarn. Featuring the shimmery opaque yarn in both its warp and weft, Fraser has an architectural, mesh-like quality and subtly reflects its surroundings.

Fraser by Vescom

Jewel combines the same yarn with recycled polyester yarn, which introduces dynamic colour and gives the wallcovering a uniquely crafted textile look. The entire offering is perfect for elevating today’s high-end interiors – such as high-end hotels, restaurants, residences and boutiques – infusing them with rich materiality, tactility, character and comfort.

Jewel by Vescom

Vescom’s Textile Wallcovering collection draws from the in-house team’s extensive knowledge about materials and the company’s wealth of experience as material producers. Like all Vescom products, the materials are responsibly made, durable and meet the highest level of flame retardancy for contract interiors. The collection is PFAS-free, and some materials have an additional environmentally friendly fluorocarbon-free finish.

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