Vescomís Meteor Xorel wallcovering extends its palette to 61 colours

A multitude of choice meets sustainability and superior durability.

One of the bestselling designs in Vescom’s Xorel® wallcovering collection, Meteor takes a radically diverse direction by nearly doubling its colour palette. The already extensive offering now comes in 61 colours, adding another unique aspect to an already unique product.

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Perfect basic with a distinctive look

A perfect basic, Meteor is a simple design woven from the thin polyethylene yarns that define the Xorel® product group and give the material its unmistakable luxurious lustre. In addition to its distinctive look, the high performance and low environmental impact of Meteor make it an unparalleled product for contemporary times. Certified Cradle to Cradle® Silver – an assurance of its circularity – it is incredibly strong, durable and long-lasting, and achieves the highest level of flame retardancy in the Xorel® range.

Extensive colour choice

Meteor’s new bounty of colours – including warm golden hues, soft and saturated pinks, and a spectrum of nature-inspired greens – is designed to work with any and every interior palette. Thanks to the compatibility of the colour groupings, several different tones and shades can be combined to create one harmonious atmosphere or to differentiate specific areas within an interior. Depending on the colour, the dual-tone effect created by the material’s warp and weft is either subtle or pronounced. The same is true for the special opalescence that defines Meteor: the woven polyethylene yarn appears hyper-modern in certain shades, while its irregular texture produces a natural-looking result in other colours.

Superior hygiene and cleanability

Even in the highest-traffic areas, Xorel® wallcovering is extremely resistant to wear and tear. Not only is Xorel® wallcovering water-repellent and stain-resistant – it’s also designed to stand up to the toughest cleaning regimes and can even be disinfected with alcohol. These high-performance properties are embedded in the yarn itself, meaning no finishes, coatings or chemicals are applied to the final product. These qualities make it an ideal fit for today’s wellness-oriented environments and workspaces. Spas and health clubs, for example, can benefit from Meteor’s water resistance, cleanability and disinfectability. Wellness at work is also an increasingly important topic, and Meteor can support such spaces with its human-oriented design in warm, welcoming colours. Future-forward offices are becoming homely working landscapes that combine different functions in one place. Meteor can be used to define these distinct areas through different tones.

Cradle to Cradle® at Vescom 

Vescom can contribute to the creation of cradle-to-cradle interiors with Xorel® wallcovering and mohair velvet upholstery. To assure their circularity, Cradle to Cradle® products are assessed on several criteria, including the use of safe and healthy materials, their ability to be reused and recycled, and the efficient use of energy and water throughout the production process. Each Xorel® wallcovering’s level of certification (Gold or Silver) is determined by its level of performance and specific functionality, while Vescom’s velvet upholstery – produced in our own weaving mills – achieves the Bronze standard. The contrast of the lustrous wallcovering with matte velvet produces a surprising and modern material combination. And, thanks to the compatible palettes of both products, the pairing is highly harmonious, too.

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