Vescom’s all-linen wallcovering collection

Vescom’s all-linen wallcovering collection is crafted by humans, for humans – all while utilizing the best techniques available today. With its handwoven look and feel, Vescom’s linen wallcovering expresses its plant-based roots: made from the fibres of the flax plant, the 100 per cent bio-based material helps us live in harmony with the natural world by bringing pure nature indoors. The collection offers a highly sophisticated take on organic materials: a premium-quality, durable wallcovering that will stand the test of time – both physically and aesthetically.

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Adding comfort and superior quality to an interior space…

A natural addition to the luxury category, Vescom’s linen wallcovering adds comfort and superior quality to an interior space, turning flat walls into inviting tactile surfaces. Rich, elegant and designed to meet the strict requirements of international contract market standards, the product range is perfect for commercial projects such as high-end hotels and restaurants, luxury retail and executive boardrooms. Vescom’s linen wallcovering is equally at home in the luxury living segment, helping specifiers to turn homes into intimate retreats.

26 linen wallcovering designs

Honouring the inherent natural beauty and diversity of linen, Vescom’s linen wallcovering collection is carefully crafted, not over-designed, with 26 patterns that showcase a wide range of structures, yarns, effects and techniques.

Linen’s organic origins are present in the plant-like patterns of Ivylin and Combolin, while Noblelin and Muralin expresses linen’s heritage through the timeless, fashion-focused herringbone motif. Celebrating sophisticated modern treatments and techniques, patterns like Meshlin, Metalin and Ringolin add a luxurious layer that produces a dynamic sheen-versus-matte effect.

Colourways run from a series of classic neutrals that let linen’s pure essence shine through, to bolder palettes borrowed from the beauty of nature.

Designed for the international contract market

Vescom’s linen wallcovering is designed specifically to meet strict international contract market standards without compromising on beauty. The durable range is flame retardant, stain-resistant, light- and colourfast and anti-static.

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