NEW: Vescom’s earthy organic look

Collection: Barkley, Grayson, Albert
Models: 29, 24, 32
Usage: Wallcovering

For Barkley and Grayson, Vescom’s designers drew their inspiration from natural materials such as wood, stone and earth. The two newcomers have a distinct look and feel and create a natural earthy organic effect in an interior.

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Design Insider Vescom - wallcovering - Grayson Product

Grayson has a coarse irregular canvas texture with a subtle sheen. Materials such as clay, stone and earth served as inspiration and are clearly reflected in the design and colour range. The colour chart includes 29 soft warm earth tones that will give any room a distinct earthy look, no matter what colour you choose.

Timeless classic Albert, known for its matt fabric finish, is now available in a fresh new colour range. In creating the colour range Vescom’s designers were inspired by appealing warm and neutral tones. The resulting set of 32 colours includes taupe, anthracite, denim blue and natural green, red and yellow.

Barkley weathered look and organic bark-like texture create a natural atmosphere in any interior. The 24 natural shades in the expanded colour chart include caramel, honey and brick red. Barkley has a matt finish with a subtle sheen and is ideal for hospitality and healthcare settings.

Vescom 2019

Vinyl is a material with a range of functional properties. In combination with a cotton backing, it is exceptionally strong, durable, lightfast and colourfast and can resist scratches and impacts. It can be applied seamlessly and is easy to take care of. Vescom’s vinyl wallcovering will easily last ten to fifteen years.

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