Villeroy & Boch’s Innovative Toilet Flush with Vortex Power

The new revolutionary TwistFlush toilet flush delivers extra clean and hygienic flushing results while being exceptionally water efficient. The secret: the patent-pending TwistFlush technology uses the physical force of a controlled water vortex, which flushes almost all of the inside of the toilet bowl while carrying waste away. In turn TwistFlush uses the flush water much more efficiently and saves precious water every time the flush is activated.

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Economical yet powerful

A sustainable lifestyle includes the conscious use of resources. A TwistFlush toilet that saves precious water every time it is used plays an important role in this. The toilet only needs 4.5 litres for a large flush and a mere 3 litres for a small one. And as the flush is so powerful, one flush is usually sufficient. This way, a four-person family can save up to 19,700* litres of water a year. Moreover, the patent-pending flushing technology far exceeds standard requirements**: the controlled water vortex generates a very strong pull in a conic bowl. It reaches almost all of the inside of the toilet bowl while well and truly carrying waste away.

Practically brushless and easy to clean

Annoying toilet brushes are a thing of the past: TwistFlush thoroughly flushes the entire inner pan, and the smartly designed bowl with its steep and super smooth walls makes it difficult for dirt to stick.

One more hygienic advantage: thanks to the sophisticated rimless shape, a TwistFlush toilet is quick and easy to clean. CeramicPlus and AntiBac make it even cleaner while reducing bacterial growth by 99.9%.

Prevents spray and aerosols

The controlled vortex power deploys the flushing water exactly where it is needed. This prevents spray and significantly reduces the formation of aerosols. Another advantage: TwistFlush is significantly quieter than a standard flush.


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