Vinyl wallcovering with deluxe textile feel

The comfortable, luxurious and soft feeling of a textile, with the practical advantages of vinyl wallcovering. This is what Palena, Sylvan, Hauki and Tessera offer. Two new qualities, Palena and Sylvan, plus two classics, Hauki and Tessera. An expansion of the vinyl wallcovering collection with deluxe designs that give greater tactility, colour and more layers.

Palena gives the impression of being linen in a vertical herringbone structure. The 19 linen colours are neutral, clean and soft.

Sylvan is an all-over side look in tone-on-tone and multicolours. 23 characteristic textile colours, a Chic look in various hues. Also in deluxe colour combinations such as light blue with copper and navy with gold. Vescom - wallcovering - Palena (sRGB-web)The now world famous Hauki shows its sharp vertical structure in a fully new colour image. The number of colours has been significantly expanded to 27, giving choice and variety, especially in the neutral colours. Surprising and pronounced colours have been added, such as black, jeans blue, gold, silver, taupe, pink and turquoise.

Tessera with its fine horizontal silk structure has also been expanded with regard to colour (34). Rich and deluxe silk colours have been added. The Tessera colours that are appreciated everywhere are still here. However, the addition of metallic colours allows the new Tessera to also have deeper hues, taking this classic into new directions. Hauki and Tessera are suitable for any interior due to their architectonic and comfortable look and feel plus the large range of neutral hues. Vescom 2017

Vinyl Wallcovering

Vescom vinyl wallcovering is extremely strong, hygienic, durable, lightfast, colourfast, scratchproof, impact-resistant, can be applied seamlessly and is easy to care for. Vinyl wallcovering can be supplied with Vescom Protect for additional protection against stains and chemicals.

Moreover, it is smoothly applied, maintenance-friendly and can be easily cleaned using the Vescom cleaner.

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