Warmth and Support in Lugano

Morgan is launching its new Lugano lounge and dining collection, designed by award-winning designer Rock Galpin, during the London Design Festival (18-26 September 2021).

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Balancing a crafted timber frame with soft, enveloping upholstered elements, Lugano was inspired by human interactions, the idea of nurture and being nurtured. The collection is named after Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland’s Italian Ticino region, reminiscent of how the chair’s seat and body float within the frame which cradles them.

Lugano will be launched with the signature lounge chair, a small lounge chair and a dining chair, providing a complete collection for both dining and more relaxed environments.

In line with Morgan’s ongoing commitment to being an environmental leader, Rock took a ‘make once, make well’ approach to designing Lugano, striving to achieve a sustainable product which will last a lifetime. This is embodied in the composition of the collection, featuring three separate elements which can be individually replaced or updated, avoiding the need for a complete product replacement and reducing environmental impact.

These individual elements, comprising the seat pad, back/arm rests and frame, provide interior designers greater artistic control through endless combinations of upholstery, material and finish options.

Rock comments, “I’ve always been fascinated by nature: the juxtaposition between fathomless complexity and singled mindedness and often harmonious simplicity. Lugano explores the relationship between warm embrace and focused empowerment, reflected in the contrasting strength of the base and gentle curves of the upholstery.”

Erin Johnson, Morgan Design Manager, adds, “The structure of Lugano’s timber frame and how it connects with the upholstered body is something we had never explored at Morgan. As in so many relationships in life, the two parts are co-dependent: they have to work as one in order to achieve their strength and stability.”

The collaboration between Rock and the Morgan design team began in 2019, after being introduced to each another by an industry friend. An award-winning designer, Rock’s experience pushing design boundaries and his desire for perfection combined well with the Morgan team’s passion and dedication to quality.

Lugano will launch at a live jazz party on Tuesday, 21 September 2021 at Morgan’s Clerkenwell showroom (1 Dallington Street, EC1V 0BH), against the stunning backdrop of ‘Healing is a Miracle’, a large-scale installation by British artist Charlie Oscar Patterson.

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