We get ‘sheer’ joy from Vescoms new fabrics

At Decorex earlier this year we chatted to Vescom about the latest additions to their transparent curtain fabric collections.

The arrival of Fogo, Chira and Clare mean that these refined basics that come in a broad colour series are floor-to-ceiling must haves for any interior!

FogoVescom 2017

This product has a beautiful vertical structure that highlights its subtle sheen and it comes in 16 metallic tints.

Chirachira vescom web

This classic has been updated and is now available in 32 different colours including more natural greys and various white hues. However for a touch of accent colouring, colours such as lime, coral and ash blues have been added.

Clareclare vescom web

Available in a range of metallic colour ranges, this product has a beautiful weave structure that incorporates a wonderful sheen as a finishing touch.

For more information visit www.vescom.com


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