Welcome to the Future

Design Insider is thrilled to share an exciting, futuristic project in which BCFA Member, Muraspec Wallcoverings was involved with. A space designed with the future at heart, The Warsaw HUB has all the ease of connectivity, conveniences, and amenities to meet the demands of modern life. A space designed to serve those who occupy it.

A futuristic tunnel resembling the inside of a space station has been built in Warsaw, as part of a rapidly-growing business district in the west of the city.

The design was manipulated and manufactured by the exceptional UK Muraspec team to make the motif pop out and enhance the 3D effect on the wall. The shadows were reworked and a gloss white layer created and printed under the structure of the motif. The subtle difference in reflectivity compared to the background provided further depth to the design once installed. Being a vertically integrated manufacturer, Muraspec were able to ensure that each step of the design and production process met the highest standards set by the client.

Stopa’s work reflects a keen fascination for mathematics and geometry. A comment by Massive Design:

“Stopa’s passion for modularity, sculptural shapes, and digital art drive him to create modular objects for serial production that introduce innovation to the market and allow the user to interact with and adapt the objects to the required functionality of a space.”

This geometric, futuristic style can be seen in the new underground passage. The monochrome, largely white interior, is decorated with hexagons, which appear on the wall, beside an escalator, and as mirrors along the side of the tunnel.

Located in the heart of Warsaw’s budding business district, The Warsaw HUB embodies urban functionality and convenience. The organic, futuristic pattern is even more impressive in reality. Welcome to the future!

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