Why Choose Flame Retardant Velvet Polyester?

There is something about the soft, luxurious comfort of velvet that has the power to elevate any room. Reinventing interior trends across centuries, velvet remains timeless in design as one of the most popular fabric materials. Sprucing vibrant designs in bedrooms, living rooms and public spaces, using velvet can elegantly gravitate comfort into any atmosphere. Adding a few velvet cushions can alter a space within an interior design scheme project.

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According to Bespoke by Evans, there is a depth, drama and decadence to velvet fabric and coupled with endless design possibilities, it offers something that work in harmony with any project and will never go out of style. Beth Lewin, Head Designer at Bespoke by Evans said: “Often overlooked as a traditional fabric, velvet which offers flame retardancy is effortlessly timeless and has advantages of settling into any space by conforming to British Standards. Our FR velvet is more than just a chic accessory, it is smooth, relaxing, and will validate and compliment the comfortable interior design scheme in your project whether hospitality, healthcare or other.”

Bespoke by Evans offers their creative expertise to help you find the perfect velvet design to suit your space. Any design, pattern, style coupled with their velvet fabric can help decorate your rooms with the plushest soft furnishings – and because every design and project is unique, the finished fabric will be tailored and personalised to your project requirements.

Velvet puts the ‘V’ in Versatility.
A versatile velvet can be more accessible to your interior design projects than you may think. Our digital printing facilities coupled with our textile design expertise ensures the fabric can be created in an abundance of colours, patterns and designs that can cater towards your client’s personal taste. At Bespoke by Evans, we aim to bring creativity into the design by ensuring your choice of exceptional quality velvet not only feels comfortable but looks luxury.

Layering velvet materials in your interior is supremely simple and helps elevate a sumptuous taste of glamour into any room. Velvet works best as a focal fabric that blends among multiple other materials. Depending on your preference, velvet can be complimented by itself, but only to an extent. Whether you are styling curtains, headboards or cushion displays, ensure the velvet fabric is not overbearing upon the eyes.

We recommend using velvet in a versatile fashion, pairing with alternative textures to break up the materials and enhance the space created. Blend using light or complimentary colours in a palette that brings warmth into the home. Current trends favour earthy, neutral tones over statement jewel colours. However, both schemes can still be used seamlessly into any commercial interior design.

Traditional, but Timeless
The versatility of velvet continues to birth contemporary designs, which has helped revive its popularity. From pleated to crushed, the tradition of velvet rebrands and reimagines itself to fit into any room.

With the Grandmillenial, Scandi Design and Earthy Neutrals trends surpassing the grey scale trend, velvet materials can be experimented with more ease. Using bespoke velvet cushions can complement warm and earthy tones.

Bedrooms will never go out of style when decorated with a staple soft velvet headboard, or a heavy set of luxurious velvet curtains. Choose velvet for poignant soft furnishings and make it an exclusive luxury element of a room.

Expansion of Colour Vibrancy
Velvet’s colour spectrum has expanded from the royal, rich jewel tones that it is often associated with, to current colourful trends. Beyond those deeps rich tones are soft and vibrant colours that can be fitted into more spaces. The benefit of a bespoke design with free samples is the ability to experiment with velvet and colour has opened designers to be imaginative and creative.

The simplicity of using softer colours on velvet can change the outlook of any room. At Bespoke by Evans, recent popular colour trends include sage greens, beiges and blush pinks partner perfectly with velvet because of their association with softness. Pairing these colours with velvet can help blend the fabric into the environment, drawing attention to the velvet material as opposed to the colour. Although the tone will be gentle on the eyes, using soft coloured velvet for your commercial soft furnishings can bring the cosiness you desire into any room.

On the other hand, Bespoke by Evans also has the flexibility to implement vibrant colours which can uplift the fun into an atmosphere. Depending on what tone of colours you decide to choose, going vibrant can be a tempting risk. Colours including mustard yellows, fuchsia pinks and teal blues always rotate in and out of trends – like jewel tone colours.

Whatever trend, colour, pattern or any interior fashion trend you love, Bespoke by Evans can help you create the perfect design tailored to your clients and interior design project.

Luxuriously Soft
Velvet is undoubtedly intense for a fabric, holding a strong presence as the soft, luxurious material for furnishings. Whether the flame retardant velvet fabric is designed for curtains, blinds or reversible cushion covers, the sensual feeling of velvet is unbeatable quality.

Especially since the pandemic, commercial spaces have become a safe and comfortable sanctuary as well as being a space where we work. Life continuously happening in one environment needs velvet furnishings to elevate the essence of softness from room to room. There is nothing more chic than accessorising the space with warm, vibrant designs that emphasise the quality of velvet.

The Essence of Chic
The velvet-look is chic. It is elegant, overly luxurious, glamourous, and has so many attributes to rule the essence of a room. Unlike any other material, velvet characterises a space with a variety of types, a dense tuft texture and has a multi-sensory appeal.

From plain, pattern to print, the beauty about velvet is its distinctive appearance created by the nap or pile of fibres that fall in one direction of the fabric. A dimensional effect that forms shadows and alters the appearance of the fabric from whatever angle. Velvet is a fabric designed to stand out, embracing its chicness through its reflective abilities. The material has a sweet sheen, prominent against other fabrics.

The versatility, timelessness and vibrancy as a material is what flame retardant polyester an outstanding choice. At Bespoke by Evans, we can help bring life to your luxury velvet design, customised to perfectly suit your home.


Bespoke by Evans’ Polyester Velvet is certified to flammability (FR) to BS5867 Part 2 Type B.

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