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Women in Office Design – Marcela Pomphrey

This month’s Women in Office Design (WOD) column features Marcela Pomphrey, Founder and Marketing Director at 299 Lighting. Getting Started …. I came into the workspace industry late. Personally, I think this is a good thing because it gives me a great perspective from other industries. My background is fairly unconventional as well. I was… Read More >

15 March 2021

A Women in Design Discussion at The Virtual Interiors Event

Five ‘Women in Office Design’ met at The Virtual Interiors Event for a virtual roundtable debate about the future of workplace design – “Where are we heading in 2021?” The event began with an introduction by Harsha Kotak, founder of Women in Office Design (WOD). The question was then debated between May Fawzy, Interior Architecture… Read More >

8 March 2021


This month’s Women in Office Design (WOD) column features Natasha Bonugli, Global Principal Design, Unispace Global. Your background and career leading into the workplace sector I was born and raised in the Boston area to Italian and Portuguese parents. With a father that was a cement mason by trade and a brother who is now a… Read More >

8 February 2021


This month’s Women in Office Design column features Grace Souky, Senior Designer at KI Europe and also Founder & Design Director at Studio Grace Souky. What is your background and career leading into the workplace sector? Originally I am from Venezuela. I have an Architecture degree from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas and a master’s degree in… Read More >

7 January 2021

Women in Office Design – Erika McFarlane

Erika McFarlane – product designer and engineer at office and contract furniture manufacturer, Lee & Plumpton – shares her perspective of ‘Women in Office Design’ Getting Started …. “I am originally from Lund, in the south of Sweden, and first started working in the UK as part of a one year exchange at Nottingham Trent… Read More >

7 December 2020

Women in Office Design – Alison Monteith

Alison Monteith – Managing Director at People-Centric Interior / Workplace Design practice, Monteith Scott – talks to us about life as a student, an interior designer and also more recently a pro-age model… “I was a below average student at school; scraped two lowish grade A levels in Art and English. Foundation Course at Stourbridge… Read More >

18 November 2020

Graduate Profile: Tim Oldroyd

This week we have already taken a look at the work of Sheffield Hallam graduate Till Stackmann and One Year On exhibitor Tim Evershed.  Today we will introduce you to  Rycotewood graduate Tim Oldroyd. Tim Oldroyd will graduate from Rycotewood with a Design and Make BA (Hons), you can see Tim’s work at the Rycotewood Summer Show, City… Read More >

20 June 2017