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Design Insider is thrilled to announce our support of Sustainable Design Collective as a media partner. Sustainable Design Collective is a ‘think tank’ group committed to acting as a collective within the workplace design community to identify developments and ‘best practice’ relating to sustainability. The purpose of the Group is to promote and applaud achievements and, more… Read More >

26 May 2022

Millbrook Beds introduces NemoFlex™ – the future of sustainable sleep

Millbrook Beds announces the future of sustainable sleep with the invention of NemoFlex™ Technology – a trade-marked and unique encapsulated core spring system designed with the end-of-life of a mattress in mind.  [Find Millbrook Beds on the BCFA Product Finder] Drawing upon 75 years of knowledge and experience in making mattresses, Millbrook Beds has created… Read More >

17 February 2022