Abbotsford Q&A with Stuart Jones, CEO at Agile Acoustics

Commercial Interiors UK member Abbotsford sat down with Stuart Jones, CEO at Agile Acoustics to discuss Acoustic panels, here’s an insight into their conversation.

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Working day-to-day with innovative designers, we catch an insight into new, and advanced ways of working. Working with and supporting Agile Acoustics is no exception as we supply them with our versatile Classic Melton fabric.

Our Melton wool is the perfect companion for Acoustic pods and panels as wool helps to improve sound absorption and reverberation. Wool is a renewable and recyclable raw material, environmentally friendly with a natural decomposition cycle. Wool is one of the most durable natural fibres, with a high tolerance to withstand considerable handling making it a great choice for upholstery.

These Agile Acoustic workspace pods, and Acoustic Panels are adaptable to any commercial interior space. Our Classic Melton collection offers an impressive range of 100 stock supported colours giving any designer a perfectly curated palette to work with, whilst knowing the fabric will maintain its striking appearance due to wool being easy care, and stain resistant.

It is crucial that we work collectively with our customers to ensure a positive experience throughout their journey with us.

Julian, our sales director recently caught up with Stuart Jones, CEO at Agile Acoustics to collect his feedback on using our Classic Melton fabric for their products.

1. What makes our Melton Wool the fabric of choice for you?
Your Classic Melton is a renowned quality fabric and is available in a huge range of colours.

2. Why is Wool the best composition to use for acoustic products, and acoustic panels?
Wool is slightly thicker than polyester so adds a little to the acoustic performance. The wool melange fabrics are easy to work with from a production perspective and stay looking clean for many years due to their unique marble appearance.

3. How would you describe your experience of using Abbotsford Textiles as a fabric supplier?
Abbotsford Textiles are first class, one of our best suppliers, offering quality fabrics. Caroline and Jess are fab Account Managers!

4. What are your favourite colours from our Classic Melton range?
The green tones are always popular, my personal favourites are Rosemary and Denim.

It was great to catch up with Stuart, and we look forward to continuing working together throughout the year.

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