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Webinar: Guide to Office Acoustics

We were thrilled to speak with Joe Cilia, Technical Director at FIS about office acoustics for our recent webinar. This in depth guide to office acoustics explains the physical principles of sound, how it is measured and how it travels, the difference between sound absorption and sound insulation, how products are tested in a Laboratory… Read More >

8 July 2021

University of Copenhagen: Acoustics matter

The University of Copenhagen’s in-house designer embraced the opportunity to bring in acoustic properties for the renovation of the Library.  It’s a well-known fact that well-being and productiveness are paramount when designing a space that is meant for work, learning and reading. So when in-house designer, Peter Schjøtt Andersen wanted to soften the noise levels in… Read More >

28 March 2018

Conquering the myths of office Acoustics

Acoustics has been voted as one of the biggest annoyances in the office! So we caught up with Ros Lambert-Porter who has been working with Ocee Design to discuss Acoustics in the workplace. We go through the myths and common misconceptions surrounding acoustics in the workplace… Could your office benefit from acoustics solutions? if so… Read More >

24 June 2016

Q&A with Katrina Kostic Samen at KKS

Katrina Kostic Samen founded KKS, their goal is to create space that makes life and work more enjoyable, how to use space and what people want from it. Three decades in commercial development and workplace design make Katrina uniquely qualified to offer strategic and design advice to business, rooted in an ‘inside-out’ architectural philosophy that puts the individual… Read More >

14 June 2016

Canteen designed with an eye for acoustics

When designing a canteen for 350 lawyers in an open atrium with shops below and a glass roof above acoustic challenges will undeniably occur. Architects from Norwegian Metropolis arkitektur & design took up the challenge at Aker Brygge in Oslo, Norway,

27 November 2015


Introduction Acoustic planning is an important part of today’s workplace strategies. By managing the office soundscape, organisations can reduce stress and distractions, thereby improving concentration, productivity and well-being. With a minimum noise reduction coefficient of 0.45, KI’s Add2 acoustic panels magnetically attach to the ends of steel storage units to help reduce the reverberation of noise generated… Read More >

13 October 2015