Axia Smart Active work style coach

Nomique have recently released an app that allows you to monitor your sitting activity throughout the working day.

The Axia Smart Active has been designed with you in mind, to encourage movement and overall wellbeing during your working day. Studies have shown that sedentary behaviour has a direct impact on our health, with prolonged sitting increasing the risks of:

•Obesity and diabetes
•Back, muscle and joint pain
•High blood pressure
•Cardivascular diseases

However never sitting again is not a solution, and at Nomique we understand the importance of seating throughout the workplace. Therefore we have teamed up with BMA to bring you the Axia® Smart Active. A seat cushion designed to compliment the ergonomic properties of the Axia 2.0 seating range and therefore to encourage users to change their posture during the day.

“No one posture is the best posture – ”

changing posture is the key for a healthier work style.

With Smart Active technology the seat vibrates as a reminder to:

•Get up, move and get a tea round for your colleagues.
•Adjust your desk height and work standing up for the next half hour.
•To tilt your head, circle your shoulders and shake your legs to stretch and relax your muscles.

The Axia Smart Active App is free to download on to any (Andriod or iOS) mobile or tablet. The personal app connects via bluetooth to the Smart Active seat cushion (suitable for all Axia 2.0 task chairs, which can be retrofitted to existing chairs) and gives direct feedback to the individual about their movement throughout the working day using sensors in the seat cushion. This detailed analysis of the user’s movements is then stored in the app to compare day to day. This helps the user work to improve their posture and become more active, leaving them to return home feeling fitter and healthier.




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