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Case Study Film: Spark 44 Offices by Align Interior Architecture & Design

Align Director and Co-Founder Gurvinder Khurana, took us round one of their latest projects, the new Spark 44 offices. Gurvinder’s brief given by Spark 44 was one of collaboration, creativity, flexibility and growth. Align really achieved what was asked of them, making a space that ‘flowed’ and creating environments that the clients really wanted to use…. Read More >

3 August 2017

Designer’s Muse: Hilary Birkbeck, Nowy Styl Group

During CDW we met up with Hilary Birkbeck who has recently collaborated with workplace innovators Nowy Styl Group to create the modular workstation Tepee.  With offices having to become more dynamic to fit into modern working, Hilary created a new set of products that allow for flexibilty in the workplace but also allow people to find… Read More >

4 July 2017

Manchester Pride Head Office Gets a Rainbow Face Lift

Modular flooring specialist, Interface, has provided a vibrant and colourful flooring design for Manchester Pride’s city centre headquarters. Taking inspiration from the colours of the rainbow flag – a prominent symbol for the LGBT community – the charity wanted to inject bright colours into the space to reflect the energy and enthusiasm of Manchester Pride’s… Read More >

28 June 2017