AXOR Strikes Gold at the 2017 iF DESIGN AWARDS

AXOR received the iF Gold Award for the Zero and Select models of its new AXOR Uno bathroom tap collection. An international jury of 58 experts assessed 5,575 product entries from 59 countries and awarded only 75 iF Gold Awards at the awards ceremony in Munich on 10 March for outstanding quality of design, workmanship, environmental compatibility, functionality and innovation. Hansgrohe__iF_Gold_Award tap_AXOR

“Their purist design and ease of use makes these washbasin taps undeniably impressive. A bathroom tap system for washbasins, showers and bathtubs, where the bold and uncompromising reduction of form, combined with functionality results in a design that is both clean and timeless,”

the jury said, in its evaluation of the AXOR Uno Zero and Select mixers. Silke Giessler, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing, Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management, Benjamin Holzer, Product Management Taps (all Hansgrohe SE), and Andreas Diefenbach of Phoenix Design accepted the iF Gold Award at the awards ceremony on 10 March in Munich.

Formal and Simple Design Language and the Aesthetics of Construction

The construction design of the AXOR Uno is true to the uncompromising design principles of the original Purist movement: two precisely shaped cylinders joined together at a right angle. Spouts and handles are available in radical or gently rounded versions. The precise contours and the raised proportions in the golden ratio of the mixers are their defining stylistic features, lending them a special aura and giving them a sleek and elegant look in any setting. Special finishes impart added radiance to the collection, which comprises over 70 products for washbasins, showers and bathtubs. Hansgrohe _iF_Gold_Award_AXORPurist Functionality

Radical and modern Purism – both styles emphasise functional simplicity. Operation of the AXOR Uno taps has been reduced to the essential: the flow of water is turned on and off by pressing the Select button, by turning the Zero handle, or with an ergonomic lever handle.

“Realised with the highest degree of technical expertise, AXOR Uno is quintessentially purist: clean, minimalist and subtle. This collection embodies one of the most fascinating aspects of purism: form and function. Each individual product demonstrates respect for the material and precise and consistent construction design. This is the result of our commitment to deliver perfection in design, craftsmanship and functionality,”

explains Silke Giessler, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing.




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