GoSmart – Keyless Lock System

How often do you lose your keys?

The team at the newly launched GoSmart believe that key operated mechanical locks are out-dated, they have put all their efforts into designing locks to challenge the traditional systems on the market.


We all expect secure and easy-to-use convenient storage for our belongings.  In the office the increasing movement towards agile working means that lockers for personal belongings have become an important feature of interiors; flexible working demands an efficient flexible multi-user locker system.

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Internet shopping has created the need for multi-users parcel storage in secure public locations to enable ‘away from home’ deliveries.  Schools and universities, conscious of the health implications of students carrying heavy bags throughout the day, are looking for easy-to-administer vandal proof locks and lockers.  Leisure facilities and public buildings want to create an income from multi-user lockers but don’t want the hassle of emptying coin boxes or renting keys.


Industrial areas and medical establishments demand increased security for hazardous substances and drug storage.  Technological advances mean that locks and the management of locks is changing.

Beloxx, the German creators of the BeCode product range were inspired to solve the common problems and irritations encountered by lock users and particularly those who administer facilities.  They found that key operated locks resulted in significant cost and administrative time being spent on ordering and waiting for replacement keys or calling locksmiths.  The most popular combination locks still had to use a master key to re-set the lock.  Even when things went well, the time involved in re-issuing keys, managing key deposits and administering multiple users was considerable, not to mention the security challenges presented by lost or missing keys.

Cable-free flexibility

All BeCode products are keyless and cable-free solution. Director Phil Tipson explained  ‘We wanted locks that were not reliant on mains power or susceptible to power outages. It had to be simple, nothing that needed qualified installers or electrical testing.  We wanted to give users the flexibility to easily relocate furniture and to build units without having to take up vital storage capacity with central terminals.  The locks had to operate on any door material and even offer RFID technology on metal doors.  Everything was about increased security and increased practicality, while remembering that we wanted a lock that enhanced the aesthetic value of the furniture.’

Becode UK Ltd recognise that they will need to reassure people that a battery-operated lock is the right solution.  Phil continues, ‘we are confident in the superior life of our batteries.  The battery life of BeCode products runs from 10,000 openings for the AIR to 20 years for the BeCode PAD lock.’

Key to Keyless – Retrofit BeCode

But there was another design objective,  Managing Director Alistair Gough explains,  ‘Many clients wanted to upgrade their locking technology but did not have the funds to simply throw out their old furniture and start again.  We wanted locks that could be easily retrofitted to upgrade existing equipment.  The BeCode EVO and BeCode AIR are fully compatible with most of the main mechanical systems and can be inserted by means of an adaptor into an existing cylinder lock.’


Hassle-free lock administration with automated income generation

The next challenge was to modernise the management of locks to provide a more dynamic, flexible and remotely administered lock solution.  For this the development team turned to on-line banking security.  The result was BeCode TANmode, a sophisticated and secure software programme to manage large or more complex locking installations.  A cable free solution, BeCode TANmode operates via a cloud server that automatically generates access codes and instantly texts or emails them to the user.  Forgotten codes can be reissued immediately and organisations can generate income from an automated payment and booking system.  The system is tailored to a facility’s needs, so it can operate for a large number of permanent storage users, or in environments with multiple users such as changing rooms, agile offices, parcel collection lockers or airport bag stores.

Alistair concluded,  ‘Fundamentally the designers have used their technological expertise to pioneer new simple-to-operate but sophisticated locks and lock management systems.  Our task at Becode UK is to make the market aware of the opportunity that is now available to use a unique keyless, cable-free locking solution that will transform the way in which personal storage space operates.’

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