Bisley launch Caddy

Workplace experts, and BCFA member, Bisley announce the addition of the Caddy to its growing range of furniture solutions.

Workplaces have never been so varied as they strive to meet the challenges of multiple work styles and encourage productivity and wellbeing. Recognising the need for adaptable storage, Bisley has introduced the Caddy – an alternative personal storage option for agile working environments.


Whilst the specific storage requirements of workers are undoubtedly changing, recent research by Bisley highlighted that the role of storage is vital in a healthy workplace. The workplace study, Wellness Together*, surveyed a thousand office workers in the UK and found that with an increasingly nomadic workforce, 31% of managers cited mobile storage as one of their top requirements to be productive.

The Caddy has hardy castors and a handle, so the unit can be pulled across any interior surface to provide considerable secure storage close to hand. This ease of mobility means it is the perfect versatile desk companion in any working environment. It is flexible and multifunctional, comprising an open cubby space large enough to stow bags and luggage, as well as drawers in which to store stationery, work and tech. The drawers are lockable, providing security and peace of mind for personal items when working away from a workstation.


Able to tuck under any standard height desk, Caddy can be cleverly adapted into a seat with the addition of a smart, upholstered seat pad. This small touch creates the opportunity to have quick, unplanned meetings or casual catch-ups at a moments notice without cluttering up the desk space with multiple chairs. The top can also be furnished with a wooden top, making a neat side table or extra worksurface.

The Bisley Caddy is available in a range of more than 20 colours ranging from subdued hues to bright pops of colour and the optional upholstered perch cushion comes in a massive 60 finishes to add a pop of colour or brand support.


Five ways a Caddy can support your wellbeing initiatives

Our ‘Wellness Together’ research found that there was a link between an individual having control over their work space and their wellbeing; and we know that having access to and ownership of, personal storage, such as a Caddy, can bring peace of mind.

1. Personal storage is an important workplace facility
When our survey participants were asked ‘what workplace facilities are important to you?’, ‘my own personal stowage space’ was the fifth most popular response. A Caddy, as it has a lockable section, is perfect for individuals.

2. People need their personal space
The number one answer to the question above? My own desk. People still like to create their own comfortable space, one which is just theirs. A Caddy, when used at a desk, can create a reassuring barrier, but one without boundaries.

3. Employees want things close to hand
We asked what ‘what one thing would you change about your workplace storage’. Over a quarter of the participants said ‘personal storage within in reach’, a response to the fact we’re all carrying more expensive items with us these days? Or maybe lockers are simply being placed too far away for peace of mind?

4. People move around the workplace
18% of respondents wanted mobile storage when asked what they would change. This rose to 31% for those in higher managerial positions. More businesses are creating alternative working environments for different tasks and encouraging employees to work wherever is most appropriate. It makes sense that people want to take their personal items and the things they need to do their job with them. The mobile Caddy can do that as well as create seating for an impromptu meeting!

5. We all get distracted!
When asked ‘what do you find most distracting in your workplace?’ people encroaching on personal space came in at second place with 34% and messy desks or shared spaces was at number seven with 28%. It’s not news that storage can help with keeping the place tidy, but because a Caddy is larger than a traditional pedestal, it can store more. Running shoes, cycling helmets and backpacks all fit in easily, so Caddies can also assist with any exercise initiatives organisations may be taking part in.

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