Care, Hospitality and ILIV

Introduced in 2014, Burghley has proven to be one of ILIV’s most popular contract upholsteries. It was designed as a stylish faux leather upholstery aimed at catering to the healthcare and hospitality sector as a practical alternative to leather.

With a huge increase in popularity the collection has more than tripled in size since its initial launch five years ago. The range now boasts 63 exciting colours ranging from neutral tones through to more luxury metallics, meaning there is now an even greater opportunity to select stylish co-ordinates ideal for every setting.

Design Insider ILIV Saddle

“Saddle has been hugely popular for us in the hospitality sector, with many of our customers specifying it for hotel rooms and reception seating as it offers a more sophisticated look whilst offering all the added benefits of severe contract upholstery.”– Emily Arch, Senior Contract Designer.

After the positive reception Burghley received, Saddle, Fusion and Stratum were introduced in 2017 to offer our customers a broader range of textured and coloured vinyl’s. Available in 15 colours and offering a classic antique leather look, Saddle was designed to mimic the look of a traditional leather whilst offering the benefits of vinyl fabric such as their anti-microbial and anti-fungal qualities.

Design Insider ILIV Cameo Seats

“Stratum has added a contemporary twist to our vinyl range, allowing designers to create a wow factor in the healthcare environment whilst adhering to the rigorous contract testing.  In 11 stunning metallic colours with 3 different textured this range offers plenty of choice.” – Emily Arch, Senior Contract Designer.

Stratum was inspired by Burghley, encompassing a selection of metallic and embossed vinyl’s. This collection has become increasingly popular over the last year with our international customers.

Design Insider ILIV Burghley

“We wanted to create something which was versatile that would not only cater to a wide audience but it would have enhanced durability and reliability suited to severe contract use. Our vinyl’s are REACH compliant and fire-retardant to crib-5 standards, alongside being waterproof and stain resistant. They also pass Martindale testing at 350,000 rubs making them ideal for hospital and care home seating.” – Emily Arch, Senior Contract Designer.

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