Carpet Trends – Geometry, Optical Illusions & Dark Ambience

Carpets are emerging more and more as the focal point in many interior designs. While hard surfaces, such as concrete, tiles and timber offer a clean, modern finish, the comfort, warmth and high design factor offered by carpets are unrivaled. They are a playground of opportunities for designers, architects and artists.

Ege Carpets has pointed out some of the newest, most intriguing floor design trends for your inspiration.

Optical Illusions

A big trend in carpets and flooring is about creating depth and perspective in two-dimensional surfaces – often through optical illusions. The trend is seen in both rugs and wall-to-wall carpets. This trend is a subtrend to the ‘geometrical megatrend’ we currently see in design, with traces of influence from pop art from the 60s.CH_Iheid Geneve_003resizeGeometric Patterns

Geometric pattern is a super trend that only gets stronger, practically seen on all surfaces these days – from wood and laminates to metal and fabrics. There is a strong focus on essential and primary shapes such as triangles, circles, rectangles, cubes and cylinders. The inspiration for this is primarily from the early 20s modernist movements – constructivism, cubism etc.PT_Hotel Valverde_024resizeDark Ambient

Dark tones ranging from blue, green and purple are the preferred colours for creating dark and luxurious spaces. This seems to be a growing trend, and carpets are often seen in monochrome dark colours to reinforce the mood. PT_Hotel Lutécia Insert_001_vnresizeCONTACT EGE CARPETS



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  • Stacy

    My daughter has wall-to-wall carpeting in her home. It’s a multicolored low nap plush. No loops and not traditional high-low. When the sun shone in through the window, dark asterek like flowers appeared like they were stamped on the carpet. They were perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically. Have not been able to see them again, but the sun has not lit the carpet the same way. Please help, my family is beginning to “worry” about me.
    Stacy Bundt

    • Alys Bryan

      Hi Stacey, Very unusual! I hope that you are able to see the hidden pattern again in the future, do share an image on social media and tag us so that we can see the optical effect.