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The Sustainable Design Collective, a ‘think tank’ group of leading workplace designers and specifiers, has announced a new Forum Day, together with industry awards, focussed on greater sustainability. Originally formed in January 2022, the Sustainable Design Collective hosts regular meetings to collaborate and discuss new opportunities to promote environmental and social responsibility within the office… Read More >

24 March 2023

Art & Design, partners in projects. Muzeo shows us how!

Art and design are often seen as complementary partners in various projects. Art is generally associated with creative expression, while design is often associated with function and problem-solving. However, in many cases, the two can come together to create projects that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. [Find Muzeo on Product Finder] In architecture, for… Read More >

10 March 2023

Newmor Trends for 2023

Newmor has built a reputation for their trends forecast. We caught up with Rose Campbell, head of design and marketing to hear about their seven trend predications for 2023. Each trend has been interpreted into a series of palettes, Rose explains: “This forecast comes after a year of many challenges we have faced as a… Read More >

23 January 2023


Each designer awarded a Design Guild Mark for a piece of their work can be confident that they have created a design which demonstrates design excellence.  The Design Guild Mark judging process is rigorous, involving a carefully selected panel of industry leading design professionals.  Within this series we will introduce you to a selection of the… Read More >

9 February 2022

Workplace Wellbeing with Lee & Plumpton

The primary objective of workplace design must be to support the activities of the people and organisation within it. The overall office environment directly influences personal comfort, health, performance, and productivity. [Find out more about Lee & Plumpton] The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)’s 2021 survey, conducted in partnership with Simply Health, showed… Read More >

17 January 2022

Celebrated Designs: Dezeen Awards

As is the case in so many industries, the final month of the year tends to be littered with awards, and the world of design and architecture is no different. Much like last year, when lockdown was in full effect for the however-many-times, one of the most sought after and well respected of the lot,… Read More >

6 January 2022

Q&A with Paul McManus, Head of Global Product Compliance at Havwoods

Design Insider is committed to bringing our readers the latest on Sustainability. Our focus over the past month has been on Sustainable Materials, and we’ve had a fantastic response from brands across the sector, with some fascinating conversations. We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Paul McManus, Head of Global Product Compliance, exploring Havwoods’… Read More >

15 November 2021

Grohe X Series: 68,000 visits & exceptional customer engagement

London, March 2021– Beyond expectations: LIXIL’s launch of the new digital experience hub GROHE X, for its GROHE brand across EMENA, has so far attracted more than 68,000 visits from 140 countries across the globe. The comprehensive brand platform offers informative and inspirational multimedia content to GROHE’s professional business partners and consumers. Tailored to visitors’… Read More >

12 April 2021

GROHE X Series: Discover What’s Next

London, 17th March 2021 – ‘Discover what’s next’: With this guiding theme, LIXIL EMENA successfully launched its digital experience hub, GROHE X, for its GROHE brand on Tuesday 16th March 2021. The comprehensive brand platform offers informative and inspirational multimedia content to both GROHE’s professional business partners and consumers. Tailored to the needs and interests… Read More >

24 March 2021

Camira’s New Guide to Inspire Interiors

Created in collaboration with Colour Hive, a global trend forecasting house, New Perspectives is an exploration by global textile manufacturer Camira into the influences that will inspire future interiors. Translating these driving forces into trends, tones and textures, the digital book brings the insight of the organisation’s design team together with the manufacturing expertise which… Read More >

24 March 2021

UK Made Supply Chains

Supply chains are often a complex and layered discussion and my recent interviews with BCFA members Ocee Design and Camira confirm just how much so. This isn’t to paint supply chains in a negative light but highlight how much work and thought is required in developing and maintaining them especially when it comes to sustainability…. Read More >

15 March 2021

The Areen Design Library

Areen Design has over 35 years of experience in delivering exceptional Interior Design and cost-effective Procurement solutions to an international client base. The team at Areen Design have kept busy during the pandemic and have updated The Areen Design Library; the very heart of their business. Design Insider speaks with Jo Payling, Associate FF&E at… Read More >

15 March 2021


The Isle Mill is part of the Macnaughton Group, a family company founded in 1783. The Isle Mill is recognised as the foremost weaver and wholesaler of soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics in Scotland. Production The Isle Mill’s manufacturing process is based 100% in Scotland, The Isle Mill’s weaving facility is based in Keith in… Read More >

12 March 2021