Case Study Film: Spark 44 Offices by Align Interior Architecture & Design

Align Director and Co-Founder Gurvinder Khurana, took us round one of their latest projects, the new Spark 44 offices.

Gurvinder’s brief given by Spark 44 was one of collaboration, creativity, flexibility and growth. Align really achieved what was asked of them, making a space that ‘flowed’ and creating environments that the clients really wanted to use.

Align used details that nod towards the motor industry that were well thought and subtle. Take a look at our video here and see if you can spot some of the details…

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  • Sian Ellis

    Looks great and love the attention, effort and detail around people and work ‘flow’… simple but essential…

  • Simon Silver

    Insightful, interesting and intriguingly introspective but a pity no mention of how much more flexible office design becomes in spaces with excessive volume and light, which is what makes WCF so unique.