CDUK launches PaperStone®, a sustainable recycled, paper composite surface material

Leading supplier of surface materials and complementary products, CDUK, has launched sustainable material PaperStone® to the UK and Ireland markets. PaperStone® is a new generation sustainable material, made from recycled paper and natural petroleum free phenolic resin with natural pigments. The innovative material offers specifiers the opportunity to reconnect people with the natural world through design. With its tactile warmth and hint of texture, this surface material is beautifully unique.

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Demonstrating its sustainability credentials, PaperStone® has obtained important environmental certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council. Selected colours are produced from 100% FSC recycled paper and cardboard, and the material qualifies for bio-building use and assignment of LEED® credits. Not only is PaperStone® made from a recycling process, it is also recyclable at the end of its life cycle by re-polishing and re-purposing the material for future projects.

The concept behind the material originated from CDUK’s desire to minimise material waste and to reflect the market shift towards more environmentally friendly products. The result is a unique material that offers a sustainable solution to design challenges, without compromising on functionality.

In order to achieve maximum performance across an array of applications, PaperStone® is impact resistant and hard wearing, resisting temperatures up to 180° without showing any superficial changes. Additionally, the environmentally friendly material is non-porous, water and stain resistant, and easy to clean. The material’s high-performance makes it ideal for architects and designers looking for a sustainable solution that simultaneously meets design and performance needs.

Given this high-performance, PaperStone® is well suited to interiors across the commercial, office space, residential, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. The material’s range of applications include but are not limited to, bars and tabletops, furniture, vertical decorative wall panels, washrooms, kitchen worksurfaces and cabinet doors, and washrooms.

Designed to welcome the outside inside and emphasise the importance of nature, the PaperStone® range includes eleven colours, often with a soft and subtle variegated finish. To reflect the outdoors, the material has a unique, textured effect creating an organic warmth, which can be specified in a range of natural hues and tones to compliment customers’ designs.

The Solid Colour Series includes five deep, rich organic colours. Some of these colours ‘evolve’ over time mellowing and growing with their environment to become more intense and warmer. The Designer Series has more of a geological than organic finish, with 6 lighter colours.

PaperStone® is available exclusively from CDUK in the UK and Ireland. The range has been selected based on CDUK’s understanding of the market and knowledge of latest colour, texture and design trends. The versatile nature of the material makes it a cost-efficient solution for a range of interior and exterior applications and can be cut and engraved depending on customers’ needs.

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