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CDUK launches PaperStone®, a sustainable recycled, paper composite surface material

Leading supplier of surface materials and complementary products, CDUK, has launched sustainable material PaperStone® to the UK and Ireland markets. PaperStone® is a new generation sustainable material, made from recycled paper and natural petroleum free phenolic resin with natural pigments. The innovative material offers specifiers the opportunity to reconnect people with the natural world through… Read More >

22 December 2021

Q&A with Richard Naylor, Group Sustainable Development Director at Hypnos

With sustainability a key design influence for 2022, we speak to Richard Naylor, Group Sustainable Development Director at Hypnos, on how the company has a sustainability first approach which can support designers and the hospitality sector in their efforts to create the ultimate in comfort with integrity when it comes to the guest experience. [Find… Read More >

16 December 2021

The Green Dream: Incorporating Sustainability in Commercial Interior Design

Amtico Commercial Marketing Manager Louisa Eyles explains why, as well as how, sustainability is becoming a key part in commercial interior projects. What is sustainability? How can it be embedded into commercial interior design? Here at Amtico, we have thought long and hard about it – and not just in a corporate “green wash” way,… Read More >

15 December 2021

Sustainable Collections by Kirkby Design

Kirkby Design, part of The Romo Group, puts sustainability at the forefront of its design and development in these four innovative collections, responsibly melding style with practicality. A study into recycled products and sustainable materials directed and informed the creation of four original collections, Wave, Flow, Leaf and Fleck Eco, that all reduce the impact… Read More >

9 December 2021

Q&A with Paul McManus, Head of Global Product Compliance at Havwoods

Design Insider is committed to bringing our readers the latest on Sustainability. Our focus over the past month has been on Sustainable Materials, and we’ve had a fantastic response from brands across the sector, with some fascinating conversations. We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Paul McManus, Head of Global Product Compliance, exploring Havwoods’… Read More >

15 November 2021

Sustainability at Sleepeezee with Sustainability Manager, Andrew Reene

Design Insider has been engaging in some incredibly insightful conversations covering sustainability in our industry, discovering the different approaches brands have been taking to ensure sustainable thinking is at the forefront. We had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Reene, Health & Safety and Sustainability Manager at Sleepeezee, about why sustainability is so important to… Read More >

10 November 2021

Sustainable Surfaces by Havwoods

Sustainability is now more important than ever with many consumers looking at ways to sustainably renovate their spaces. As the demand for innovative and responsibly-sourced materials increases, Havwoods is at the forefront of eco-friendly design, allowing homeowners and end users to choose wood flooring that is less harmful to the environment. [Find out more about… Read More >

5 November 2021