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Based in the heart of London, a stones throw from St Paul’s Cathedral, the Bank of New York Mellon offices required a post-COVID update to support new modern working practices for their existing and future workforces. The evolved space featured a range of different areas, both for more focussed individual work, as well as collaborative zones, designed to support activity-based group working.

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A variety of Connection commercial furniture products were featured in the finalised workspace, on the second and third floors, each implemented to fulfil a specific purpose and add value to the office. Numerous configurations of Rooms were perhaps the most eye-catching pieces of commercial furniture in the whole space, whilst Tryst sofas and boothsCentro tables and Swoosh stools also featured prominently.

“The evolved space featured a range of different areas, both for more focussed individual work, as well as collaborative zones, designed to support activity-based group working.”

As mentioned, Rooms was featured in various guises, each fulfilling a different purpose and having a transformative impact on the workspace. Each variant of Rooms was designed specifically for collaborative work in a more private space away from the rest of the open-plan office. The outer Rooms are both enclosed by the woodland walls, providing a feeling of tranquility, and allowing the users to remain part of the office despite being in a closed space.

All three Rooms are equipped with televisions, making them the ideal place to hold meetings and presentations, both in person and via video. Perhaps the most significant element in supporting collaboration, however, are the interactive whiteboard walls placed within each end Rooms, thus sandwiching the middle pod, making it the ideal area for brainstorming.

Tryst also featured heavily throughout the workspace, both in the form of the low back sofa and the two and four person booths. The Tryst sofa was utilised in a quieter area of the office, where its supreme comfort was paramount in creating a relaxing environment to relax in, away from the rigours of the rest of the space. The Tryst booths were implemented with multiple purposes, making them ideal for the modern, flexible space. They provided a refuge for workers looking to complete individual tasks, as well as allowing for private meetings, all thanks to their sound-absorbing exteriors minimising outside noise.

Also spread sporadically through the second and third floors were Swoosh stools and poseur height Centro tables. The tables were a key addition as they allowed for various options when it came to completing work. The option to conduct tasks either seated or stood is an important benefit of the poseur height table and something that can have a drastic impact upon productivity. In this instance, Swoosh stools were on hand to complement Centro and provide an area for workers to meet and collaborate.

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