COVID19: BCFA Members Support the Healthcare Industry

Many BCFA members were already significant suppliers to the Healthcare sector, and during this time it is hugely inspiring to see how they have reacted in a time of adversity. Working flat out to supply essential products, we are incredibly proud to have such supportive members. We reach out to a few companies to find out what they’re up to in this difficult time.

Teal Healthcare

Teal Healthcare are working flat out to fulfil the NHS requests for patient furniture in the emergency hospitals being set up.

Our production and that of our Parent Senator have been turned fully onto the NHS orders, some of these are very large as the NHS ramps up their bed capability.

It is becoming extremely difficult as our people face the onslaught of the virus with their family groups, but we are delighted that they are showing true commitment to protect the NHS and their loved ones.

Being a manufacturer allows us to innovate and produce things that we never have before as the supply chain continues to shrink underneath us, we have some great suppliers who are only keeping their facilities open to support Teal and the MHS.

We have people where possible working from home and the factory is working 7 days a week to keep the NHS fulfilled on very short lead times.

Teal are not only working with hospitals, but new care homes that have not opened yet but are being seconded by the NHS to increase bed capacity.

For more information or to contact Teal Healthcare, click here.

Renray Healthcare

As a nationally contracted supplier to the NHS and NHS Scotland, we understand the importance of our continuous support and supply to the NHS of the essential products they require at this time.

Measures we have put in place to ensure we can continue to work in partnership with the NHS include:

  • We anticipated a spike in demand for product so increased our stock levels to ensure we can continue to manufacture and supply.
  • We are proactively using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) decontamination system in all our Heavy Goods Vehicles prior to delivery of goods, to eliminate the virus or any potential contaminant. Minimising the risk while delivering, room placing and installing furniture and furnishings, pressure area care products and beds. Ensuring continuous trade, in a safe and virus free environment.
  • Adherence to all DoH and Public Health England advice.
  • Refresher infection control training for all our staff, especially drivers, fitters and installers.
  • Infection Control training performed by Renray clinical staff.
  • Monitor adherence to infection control protocols for all staff to keep them and our customers safe.
  • Renray Healthcare are minimizing the risk while delivering, room placing and installing furniture and furnishings, pressure area care products and beds.

For more information or to contact Renray Healthcare, click here.


As the Government sets out battle plans indicating containment measures in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19), BCFA member Panaz have already taken the proactive step of testing the resistance of their Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial Technology against COVID-19, with positively reassuring results for their customers.

As global suppliers of anti-microbial fabrics for the healthcare market, Panaz are acutely aware of the need for textiles which effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases in hospitals, care homes and other environments where vulnerable individuals may be exposed to potentially harmful pathogens.

After extensive testing by an independent laboratory, Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial Technology has been proven effective against Coronavirus. Panaz has been manufacturing high-performance fabrics protected by Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial Technology for several years, and Shield Plus™ is applied to numerous fabric collections, from hospital cubicle curtains to contract upholsteries.

Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial Technology literally attracts microbes (viruses, fungi and bacteria) and physically destroys them immediately on impact. It has the broadest spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, including C-Diff Spore and viruses, including the Coronavirus.

Panaz CEO Tony Attard commented “Whilst we are hopeful that the threat posed by COVID-19 will soon pass, such events remind us of the vigilance those operating within the healthcare industry must have against the spread of new infections. We are delighted to inform our customers that Panaz Shield Plus™ Anti-Microbial Technology is effective against the Coronavirus.

For more information or to contact Panaz, click here.

Agua Fabrics

We’re open for business to support the NHS at this critical time. Agua’s roots lie deep in healthcare, from having manufactured surgical gowns and other healthcare critical apparel for the health service and our armed forces during World War II, to supplying the much more diverse and broader modern public and private healthcare sector today.

This longstanding competence has been formally recognised with the designation of Agua Fabrics as a Key Supplier to the NHS and as such we remain open and operational with all due precautionary measures in place and will endeavour to do so for as long as possible. Whilst we are proud that our expertise and our commitment to stock can once again serve the nation and support its wonderful NHS at this critical time, we nevertheless remain cognisant of, and duly humbled by the fact that we are but one small cog in a great machine that is battling to keep us all safe and healthy. Our thanks and deepest gratitude to all those on the front line.

For more information or to contact Agua, click here.

The BCFA will be releasing updates from members on this topic weekly. If you are a BCFA member and have been working to support the Healthcare Industry doing this time and would like to feature in our article series, please contact


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