Creating a Maximalist Senzation with Larson-Juhl!

The latest new product launch from Larson-Juhl UK is truly Senzational! Inspired by the Maximalist trend and characterised by varying shades of clouds, outlined with a stylish, original metallic edge, this BCFA member’s Senza will appeal to a wide range of customers.

Design Insider Arqadia Senza Frame zebras

“The inspiration for the range came from the furniture sector where stronger colours have been introduced.” Pauline Hutchinson, Marketing Manager.

Suitable for all types of artwork, this contemporary pine moulding is available in five stunning colourways – black/pewter, white/silver, grey/silver, terracotta/silver and blue/silver, and with three different profiles – 23mm, 30mm and 45mm.

Design Insider Arqadia Senza Room

“Maximalist trends incorporate strong colour tones which are a welcome change from the pale, muted tones that have been about for a long time.” Pauline Hutchinson, Marketing Manager.

This example, featuring wildlife artist Catherine Ingleby’s Kwandwe Quartet, uses a 45mm terracotta/silver moulding.

Design Insider Arqadia Senza Frame

“These mouldings can be used in any room/setting where an array of colours exists or to brighten up a pale room. The jewel tones are bang on trend!” Pauline Hutchinson, Marketing Manager.

Like all of their other wooden mouldings, Senza is being sold on chop – with a chevron set available.

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