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Framing Gorgeous – Q&A with Larson-Juhl

The contribution that framed art can make to an interior is sometimes underestimated by the design community. Design Insider talks to Larson-Juhl’s Sales & Marketing Director, Matt George, about some of the more creative uses of the sometimes modest moulding. [Find Larson-Juhl on the BCFA Product Finder] Could you begin by introducing our readers to… Read More >

2 August 2021

Larson-Juhl: Paper

Paper in the form of mountboard can play a key part in framed art and Larson-Juhl offers over 300 variations. The range is made up of an impressive variety of beautiful colours, a vast selection of textures and styles and a wide choice of properties that includes museum and conservation standard. This means you can… Read More >

2 October 2019

Larson-Juhl, Pure and Simple

The new Simplicity range by BCFA member Larson-Juhl is an easy to use, everyday collection which can be relied upon for any framing need – family photographs, artwork, textiles, sporting and music memorabilia, and much more! [Larson-Juhl have a BCFA Product Finder Page] Inspiration for Simplicity came from the requirement for a low cost alternative… Read More >

12 July 2019

Larson-Juhl’s export experiences

The export market is a huge growth area for Larson-Juhl, who attend both Index shows in Dubai and Qatar. Pauline Hutchinson, Marketing Manager at Larson-Juhl, comments: “Growth in the Middle East has not slowed down and with Expo 2020 being held in Dubai next year, and the forthcoming World Cup in Qatar, the demand for quality framing… Read More >

5 July 2019

Sustainable frames from Larson-Juhl

Larson-Juhl’s range of sustainable mouldings was recently expanded with the arrival of Geneva, which joins a number of other very popular collection of wooden frames that have environmental credentials. The natural worn-wood simplicity of Larson Juhl’s rustic-inspired Lancaster collection, offers a way to achieve real understated style. Named after the typical woodland landscape of Lancaster County… Read More >

25 April 2019

Larson-Juhl builds Colosseums and Coasts

Colosseum by Larson-Juhl UK is a highly impactful new range that was designed and made in Italy. Very classical in terms of look and feel, Colosseum was inspired by the magnificence of Ancient Rome and the stepped design of the world’s most famous amphitheatre. Design Insider also discusses Larson-Juhl’s Coast to Coast additions. [Larson-Juhl have… Read More >

16 April 2019

Touchwood by Larson-Juhl UK

Interior designers with a passion for oak may like to consider Larson-Juhl’s Touchwoood Collection. These oak mouldings feature a natural veneered finish which is much easier to handle than solid oak when it comes to picture framing. Touchwood profiles are light, easy to cut and very affordable. The collection gives the opportunity to capture the… Read More >

19 March 2019

Creating a Maximalist Senzation with Larson-Juhl!

The latest new product launch from Larson-Juhl UK is truly Senzational! Inspired by the Maximalist trend and characterised by varying shades of clouds, outlined with a stylish, original metallic edge, this BCFA member’s Senza will appeal to a wide range of customers. “The inspiration for the range came from the furniture sector where stronger colours have… Read More >

10 October 2018

Larson-Juhl’s Orofino Collection

BCFA member Larson-Juhl UK fashions an arrangement of beautifully framed artwork, which creates both a bold statement in any room, and enhances an overall scheme. They have one of the most comprehensive ranges of framing products in the market: over 3000 mouldings, 100 ready made frames and 200 mountboard colours, in addition to the accessories, glazing products,… Read More >

16 August 2018