Crofts & Assinder: The Stormont Collection

Crofts & Assinder have a rich and varied history, providing handles and decorative hardware to an array of customers worldwide. Sticking to our British roots, Crofts & Assinder have remained in Birmingham for their entire 143-year history, and remain a family business.

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Crofts & Assinder are pleased to announce that the luxury Stormont is readily available to purchase. It was launched at Decorex and has subsequently received fantastic reviews.

The Stormont is designed to elevate any designer living place, it is considered, Refined Modernism.

The Stormont collection was inspired by the beauty and serenity of the Brugmansia flower; the style of the flower has been transformed into a beautiful handle which would suit many different room styles.

The handle blends graceful curves with modish styling, creating a sophisticated but contemporary look.

The Stormont is a new addition to our Special Works range. The Stormont is solid brass and finished in-house to order, therefore lead times are approximately four weeks from payment as standard. Order now to avoid disappointment.

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