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Crofts & Assinder: The Stirling Family

From the very beginning, Crofts and Assinder have specialised in the design and manufacture of extraordinary cabinet handles and luxury fittings. In their140 year history, they have had the privilege of dressing furniture at London’s Ritz and Waldorf hotels, the White House in Washington, Parliament House in Buenos Aires and ships of the Cunard and… Read More >

14 March 2020

Crofts & Assinder: The Stormont Collection

Crofts & Assinder have a rich and varied history, providing handles and decorative hardware to an array of customers worldwide. Sticking to our British roots, Crofts & Assinder have remained in Birmingham for their entire 143-year history, and remain a family business. [Find Crofts & Assinder on the BCFA Product Finder] Crofts & Assinder are… Read More >

14 February 2020