Designer’s Muse: Do you just press print?

An exploration into 3D Printing

3D printing is a hot topic, people love to talk about this new and exciting way of creating something, but what can we actually do with it? We have all seen how you can print mini figures of yourself (which is pretty cool) but how can we use this innovative manufacturing process for functional design? commercial design for that matter?

Well Morgan Furniture answered this last year by bringing out the first 3D printed chair for the commercial sector with their RIO Collection, working in collaboration with research design group Studio Integrate.

Design Insider met with Studio Integrate founder Mehran Gharleghi to discuss how design can improve by looking at 3D printing in new ways and we ask the question ‘do you just press print?’

What do you think of 3D Printing?
Where would you like to see the technology being used? 

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