Designer’s Muse

Designer’s Muse: Hilary Birkbeck, Nowy Styl Group

During CDW we met up with Hilary Birkbeck who has recently collaborated with workplace innovators Nowy Styl Group to create the modular workstation Tepee.  With offices having to become more dynamic to fit into modern working, Hilary created a new set of products that allow for flexibilty in the workplace but also allow people to find… Read More >

4 July 2017

Designer’s Muse: Phil Hallett, Orangebox

During Clerkenwell Design Week we caught up with Phil Hallett, Senior Designer for British work space manufacturer Orangebox, to talk about their latest Task Chair launch Eva. In the short film below we explore the inspiration behind the Eva chair and what changes Orangebox are seeing in the workspace environment. You can check out all… Read More >

29 June 2017

Designer’s Muse: Shezad Dawood x Brintons

During Clerkenwell Design Week we caught up with Artist Shezad Dawood who is currently showing at the Venice Biennale and recently collaborated with Brintons Carpets using their innovative HD weave as the canvas and paint brush. In the short film below Shezad walk us through each of the unique pieces, explaining  about the inspiration behind… Read More >

19 June 2017