DesignLSM Brings Style & Modernity to Senior Living at Ashton Meadows Nursing Home

DesignLSM, the multi-disciplinary agency renowned for its excellence in strategic and sensory design, has completed the interior design for Ashton Meadows Nursing Home.

Ashton Meadows by DesignLSM. Reception Visual

Situated in the desirable Coombe Hill area of Kingston – known for its grand properties, mature grounds and old woodland – Ashton Meadows illustrates how senior living environments can be crafted to be inviting and luxury spaces. The 68-bed nursing home aims to address the community’s need for premium care services, including specialist nursing, dementia care, and post-hospital support.

Ashton Meadows by DesignLSM. Bistro Visual

Inspired by Coombe’s lush surroundings and historical ties to Hampton Court Palace, DesignLSM‘s approach seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with timeless charm. Each floor takes residents on a journey through the seasons and local landmarks, fostering familiarity and comfort. The studio lounge, influenced by William III’s apartments at Hampton Court Palace, provides a calming space for families to have a moment with their loved ones, whilst the activity room and cinema space presents a hub for social gatherings and cultural enrichment, with the artwork illustrating a playful nod to album covers and songs from famous local residents of the area, such as the Rolling Stones.

Ashton Meadows by DesignLSM. Dining Lounge Visual

Drawing on their expertise in curating exceptional spaces, DesignLSM prioritised comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal whilst integrating health and safety protocols. Consideration was given to adaptability of furniture and fittings, paying attention to space planning and flow of movement around the property, designing to ease and encourage mobility – avoiding sharp corners, specifying beautiful hand rails within open walkways and limiting material changes across thresholds. Each design choice factored in both the physical and mental requirements of the residents whilst also ensuring an uplifting, relaxing and stylish interior.

Ashton Meadows by DesignLSM. Lounge Visual

The proximity to Coombe’s scenic parkland has deeply influenced the design, embodying tranquillity, freshness, and refinement. It was important to the designers to curate a property that felt luxurious and welcoming in a contemporary manner, creating spaces that would not date easily or patronize the residents with cliches.

Ashton Meadows by DesignLSM. Bedroom Visual

Challenges in designing for dementia care were met with thoughtful solutions; interior features were carefully chosen to ensure comfort and minimise confusion, with patterns used sparingly in designated areas, favouring mural wallpapers in the ground and first floor dining lounge to create depth and interest. Carefully considered colour palates were used on the various floors, dependent on the level of need. For example, tones of green have been used in the relaxation lounges and rooms, as this colour has been proven to create a sensation of peace and relaxation within dementia patients. The colour and artwork scheme in the corridors has been used as an aid for recognition – making it easier for residents to navigate through the property, with personal keepsake boxes installed by each bedroom door to allow for personalization.

Ashton Meadows by DesignLSM. Basement Cinema Visual

Reception and coffee lounge areas emulate the sophistication of a hotel lobby, featuring bespoke design elements; the ground and first-floor dining lounges draw inspiration from historic manor orangeries; and the calming blue and green tones throughout reflect nature’s hues and promote a serene atmosphere.

As Ashton Meadows Nursing Home prepares to open its doors, DesignLSM sets a new standard for nursing home interiors, prioritising not only physical comfort but also emotional well-being through design. With a commitment to delivering elegant yet practical spaces, DesignLSM creates a home that resonates with residents, families, and staff alike.


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